Sourcing & Procurement Lead


Why We Need You:

WAZER is currently bringing the world’s first desktop waterjet to market.  We intend on sourcing the majority of our hundreds of custom and off-the-shelf components, in addition to performing some sub-assemblies in China.  These will all be consolidated and shipped to our assembly facility in New York where we will finish assembling our product and do thorough testing to ensure a quality product is delivered to our customer.  We have a talented set of product engineers on hand that have an amazing understanding of the manufacturing processes and industries to source their hundreds of components.  However, identifying, vetting, and managing Chinese manufacturers is where we can't be careful enough and need a sourcing and procurement lead!  In addition, every part is critical to the operation of our machine, so we need to develop and put systems in place to catch any defects as soon as possible, especially before the product is shipped out of China.  Furthermore, this role will also be focused on maintaining a pool of high quality venders, optimizing the supply chain, and ensuring we are always shipping parts on time that are higher quality than what we need, in an effort to have no delays and hang-ups at our final assembly back in the states.  If you are passionate about our mission and want to work with us to deliver the highest quality product to the thousands of makers at the lowest price, then we want to talk to you!

Your Daily Role:

  • You’ll find off-the-shelf and custom component suppliers
  • You'll visit factories to evaluate them and their production
  • You'll work with the product engineers on a regular basis
  • You'll be the main contact between the product development team and the factory
  • You'll develop and optimize the supply chain over time
  • You'll work with engineers to develop the QA/QC documents for components and assemblies
  • You'll manage the status of various parts
  • You'll manage incoming inspection of parts per their released drawings and specifications

Must Have Qualifications:

  • You have sourcing experience in a wide variety of processes and industries in China
  • You speak fluent Chinese and English with a technical ability
  • You are organized and autonomous
  • You have worked with technical drawings
  • You have the ability and know-how to categorize different levels of suppliers
  • You are passionate about delivering quality products to customers
  • You enjoy a good brainstorm session and solving various puzzles/problems
  • You are an amazing negotiator
  • You are comfortable with managing a significant number of suppliers and parts at any given time

We aren’t being particularly specific here because what’s most important to us is the person and not the skillset they have already acquired. If you are stoked about our mission and want to learn and contribute, please contact us, we want to talk with you!

Nice to Have Qualifications (but we can teach you):

  • You have experience exporting components and products from China to the US
  • You have created technical drawings and translated them to Chinese
  • You are a participant in the maker community and have various hobbies
  • You have worked on projects that spanned or interacted with multiple engineering disciplines
  • You can work with a team to come up with a plan, but execute on your own when needed
  • You have managed people in your field
  • You understand some volume manufacturing processes
  • You understand AQLs and can create QA/QC documents
  • You know basic equipment that is used to check and inspect parts

Location & Environment:

Candidate must live within commuting distance to Futian, Shenzhen, China, the location of our office.


To apply, email us at and include "Sourcing and Procurement Lead" in the subject line. Be sure to include your CV, Portfolio and a brief note about why you’re interested in joining WAZER in this role.