R&D Test Engineer


Why We Need You:

Building a consumer product with hundreds of parts and multiple subsystems requires immense amount of iterating, controlled laboratory testing, and production-level test rigs and assembly fixtures. We need to ensure that every concept, formulation of product, and R&D effort is appropriately evaluated throughout the product development process. As a result, we need a junior to mid-level R&D test engineer for prototyping, building, and testing systems that will go into future products, current R&D efforts, and assembly lines.

Your Daily Role:

  • You’ll aid Product Development team in coming up with solutions to their design challenges
  • You’ll work with Product Development team to design and make test fixtures for evaluating concepts
  • You’ll design and make life cycle testing fixtures
  • You’ll design and make assembly fixtures for product production
  • You’ll design, build and operate custom testing fixtures and equipment
  • You’ll document test results, draw conclusions and communicate back to the team

Must Have Qualifications:

  • You have a keen ability to problem-solve
  • You are capable of building, taking apart, testing, or modifying anything and everything
  • You have a deep understanding of prototyping processes and methods
  • You are well versed across the mechanical engineering discipline
  • You can brainstorm in a group environment but can work efficiently on execution independently
  • You can identify the elements of a system that make it work the way it does and incorporate them into a custom application
  • You can create robust Solidworks parts, drawings, and assemblies
  • You are familiar with data acquisition, electronics, basic components, and standard lab instrumentation
  • You are organized and can hold to good testing practices

Nice to Have Qualifications (but we can teach you):

  • You have machining or fabrication experience with processes such as laser, plasma, waterjet, welding, turning, milling, CNC, etc.
  • You have knowledge of volume manufacturing processes
  • You have experience with overseas manufacturing
  • You have experience with volume assembly fixturing
  • You have a basic understanding of software and electronics hardware
  • You have worked on early stage research and development
  • You are a participant in the maker community

While it would be great to bring on experienced talent for this role, we’ll accept any qualified candidate. If you are passionate about our mission, are good at what you do, and want to learn quickly don’t hesitate to contact us. Be open about what you don’t know and what you excel at, and we’ll do our best to evaluate this with our specific needs!

Location & Environment:

As an early-stage startup, you’ll inherently spend more time at work than your traditional 9-5. Thus, we’ve located ourselves in Rockland County, NY, which is a part of the beautiful and outdoorsy Hudson River Valley but at the same time only 45 minutes from NYC, so you’ll be able to find whatever it is you enjoy doing not too far away!

Furthermore, and our personal favorite perk, you’ll be working in an environment that is simultaneously our office, ideation studio, research lab, workshop, and final product assembly center, all under one roof.  This allows us to collaborate and learn each other’s area of expertise, providing better solutions to our customers.

Our facility becomes a playground in the off hours. You are encouraged to design, make, and work on whatever personal projects you may have at the time. You may see brewing equipment, race car parts, plants, and art pieces around the office. Who knows what inspiration we use for the next problem we need to solve!


To apply, email us at careers@wazer.com and include "R&D Test Engineer" in the subject line. Be sure to include your CV, Portfolio and a brief note about why you’re interested in joining WAZER in this role.