Lead Software Engineer

Why We Need You:

WAZER isn’t just the world’s first desktop waterjet cutter but the world’s first solution that allows any computer-literate user to go from their idea to cutting any material within minutes. So software is a critical piece of WAZER’s offering. The WAZER multiplatform application will allow a user to define exact cutting paths on their source materials. To do this the software will need to be able to upload and convert drawing files into a rendered interactive format that is presented to the user. The user will be able to adjust and tune their cutting paths based on their uploaded 2D drawings and will be guided through the basic setup of the machine. Lastly, the software will need to be able to convert all the adjusted paths into a WAZER machine readable format (already defined) which will produce the consumer’s desired cut. You will lead the charge in building this functionality with an intuitive, waterjet-specific workflow.

Your Daily Role:

Lead full stack software engineer that will be responsible for the technical leadership of the entire WAZER software product including:

  • Determining application architecture
  • Making language and framework choices
  • Defining an efficient development workflow and production pipeline for the software team
  • Executing on numerous elements of the build
  • Managing elements of the build that are not within your capability by means of contractors
  • Writing modular maintainable code which is well tested
  • Practicing modern development workflows of code reviews and iteration planning to accurately scope out features and deliver them in a timely manner


Must Have Qualifications:

  • You have ideally 5+ years working in production software environments
  • You have great communication skills
  • You are a software generalist
  • You are proficient in a set of both client-side and server-side languages (markup, JS, Ruby, Python, Go, etc.)
  • You have a professional application management approach to CI, testing, and pushing builds to various staging and production environments
  • You have examples of live production applications which you have shipped in the last few years
  • You have a great eye for design, an appetite to build ambitious products and an ability to prioritize in order to deliver on time
  • You can work with the product development team to add meaningful feature sets over time to the overall WAZER solution. This could include integration of vision algorithms, path optimizations, new software manipulated hardware systems, etc.


Nice to Have Qualifications:

  • You have engineering team leadership experience while remaining in a code contributor role
  • You have example apps which show an appetite for evaluating modern tools, workflows and practices
  • You have solo product experience that went from concept to shipping to maintenance.
  • You are a participant in the open source community
  • You have design experience and can use tools such as sketch or illustrator to communicate application design direction
  • You are a participant in the maker community


Location & Environment:

We’ve located ourselves in Westchester County, NY, which is accessible to both the beautiful and outdoorsy Hudson River Valley and New York City, so you’ll be able to find whatever it is you enjoy doing not too far away!

Furthermore, and our personal favorite perk, you’ll be working in an environment that is simultaneously our office, ideation studio, research lab, workshop, and final product assembly center, all under one roof.  This allows us to collaborate and learn each other’s area of expertise, providing better solutions to our customers.

Our facility becomes a playground in the off hours. You are encouraged to design, make, and work on whatever personal projects you may have at the time. You may see brewing equipment, race car parts, plants, and art pieces around the office. Who knows what inspiration we use for the next problem we need to solve!



To apply, email us at careers@wazer.com and include "Lead Software Engineer" in the subject line. Be sure to include your CV, Portfolio and a brief note about why you’re interested in joining WAZER in this role.