If your skillset doesn't match an opening, reach out to us anyway! We're always looking for creative and talented individuals. 


We're Hiring!

At WAZER, we're creating tools that empower individuals to turn ideas into functional projects and goods. We’ve begun this mission by creating the first desktop waterjet - an affordable digital tool that allows users to cut any material with one easy-to-use machine. WAZER is not just a tool for the technically gifted. We create solutions that focus on the entire user experience of creating, resulting in artists, students, and small business itching to ideate and make more and more!

We can’t do this alone and are looking for diverse talent that wants to break the barrier of entry across every point of the creation process.

We need problem solvers and creative thinkers that will contribute to software, community building, machine maintenance, customer service and distribution solutions. We need personalities that can roll with the punches and individuals that can wear a variety of hats.

This is a unique chance to join a fast-moving startup in a technical and creative environment. You will be responsible for the first product of its kind and contribute to the mission of making it easier to bring ideas to life!

Apply at Include your CV, Portfolio (if you have one) and a brief note about why you're interested in joining WAZER and how you can contribute.