Production Manager


WAZER is the first ever desktop waterjet cutter bringing universal cutting with digital precision to every workshop. We are democratizing manufacturing and bringing professional grade fabrication to every workshop. Creating a first of its kind product is no easy feat. We have an energetic, adaptable and clever team of assemblers, shippers, and inventory technicians that we need your help in managing to ensure we stay on target for production, fulfillment, and inventory control.

your role can be broken up into three key fields:


You are ultimately responsible for WAZERS being assembled in time to meet customer demand
            • Balancing production staff across various assembly, kitting, and shipping work cells to ensure production goals are met, and that shipping and receiving tasks are completed on time
            • Iterate on both short and long term production plans to achieve desired build rate
            • Calling overtime when needed to meet weekly production targets
            • Ensure that production staff has required equipment and tools to safely assembly WAZERs
            • Setting up ad hoc assembly lines for creating kits, reworking parts, or other non-recurring production work
            • Interface with Operations to ensure that WAZERs are allocated to customers and shipped out according to developed procedure
            • Manage pick up schedule of outbound WAZER machines and consumables
            • Implement policies to maintain a clean and safe production facility


You are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the correct amount of parts are flowing through the WAZER assembly facility at the correct time to meet customer and production demand
            • Ensure that part deliveries from container, airfreight, or DHL get unloaded, unpacked, counted, organized into warehouse and inputted into the MRP system
            • Maintain and tracking of raw materials and parts by way of cycle counting, proper inventory transfers, and more through the use of WAZER’s inventory management systems
            • Ensure that appropriate inventory levels of consumables are maintained
            • Create, maintain, and improve inventory delivery process from various warehousing locations to assembly stations  
            • Manage and fulfil part and subassembly requests from customer service


You will not be doing all of the above tasks yourself.  You will be managing a production team to help you complete all these tasks.  Below are the responsibilities that you have to that production team.
            • Hire production staff as needed using developed interview process
            • Enforce company policies and procedures and manage conflicts that may arise within the team
            • Balance the needs of employees of the production team with the company required production



            • Process time off requests, and payroll

            • Keep production team informed of production plan and health of production through regular production meet


      • History of managing or supervising personnel in a production or fulfillment environment
      • Demonstrated ability to work competently with Excel workbooks
      • Enthusiasm to learn and a “whatever it takes” attitude
      • Passion about WAZER’s mission of bringing affordable digital cutting solutions to makers, small business, artisans, and schools.


Base Salary, Bonus, Stock Options, Health Insurance