If you have questions about whether or not WAZER is the right tool for you, please email us at info@wazer.com, and we will happily advise you based on your needs. Please see our most frequently asked questions below.



What infrastructure do I need to operate WAZER?


Two 110-120VAC /60 Hz /15 Amp Circuits

  • One 15 Amp circuit for the Pump Box

  • Two Amps available on a separate circuit for WAZER

  • WAZER and the Pump Box should not be connected to the same 15 Amp electrical circuit. A single 20 Amp circuit is acceptable.

  • Both outlet plugs should be within 6 feet of WAZER

Water Supply

  • Flow Rate: Greater than 1 gpm. Most household and commercial water plumbing will meet this requirement. Typical bathroom circuits faucets 1-3 gpm, kitchen faucets 2-4 gpm, and outdoor shop hoses 3-6 gpm.

  • Pressure: 30-125 psi. Most household and commercial water plumbing systems fall in this range. The higher in that range, the better for the Pump Box in terms of its longevity.

  • Temperature: Less than 130 F. DO NOT use a hot water line for WAZER

  • Water Hardness: Less than 180 mg/L (10.5 gpg). Water hardness is the biggest factor that affects the longevity of the components. Most municipal water in North America is below this figure, however, we suggest you give your region a search if this is a concern.

Water Drain

  • Within 30 feet of the WAZER (routed). Make sure that it does not take more than 30 feet of your water drain hose to for the WAZER to the drain. Additionally, the drain location should be less than 4 feet above WAZER.

Benchtop (for WAZER Desktop Only)

  • Sturdy and capable of holding over 350 lbs.

  • Flat and level under load.

  • A clear area of 46" x 27" to allow for access.

  • Does not deteriorate when exposed to water.

    • Good choices: quartz, stainless steel, treated solid wood

    • Poor choices: plywood, unfinished MDF or particle board

  • Note: No desktop is necessary if you plan on using WAZER with the Stand Leg Accessory. However, please keep a 46" x 27" area clear if you intend on using the Stand Leg Accessory to allow for access.


  • The Pump Box is intended to be placed on the floor and requires 30" x 26" of space to allow for adequate airflow, cables and hoses.

Ambient Air Temperature

  • 40-80 F. WAZER should never be stored or operated outside of this range.
    This strictly refers to the ambient temperature during operation. You have nothing to worry about in terms of storage temperature.

Additional Recommendations

  • Though WAZER is enclosed, it is not a sealed system, and water and abrasive will inevitably leak on occasion. The floor surface should be water-resistant, slip proof and smooth enough for easy cleanup of spills. A nearby floor drain is recommended.

  • If you will be cutting often, make sure that the WAZER location is close to a storage area for Abrasive and Used Abrasive.

  • Make sure to place WAZER in a location where the noise level of traditional shop tools is acceptable.

What software works with WAZER?

Wam is the only software that works with WAZER. You will need this software to convert your design files into Cut Files for your WAZER machine. Wam is browser-based and works on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is a free, simple and intuitive application that allows you to use WAZER in just a few clicks. You can try out Wam, for free.

Can I design my Cut File in WAZER’s software?

No, you cannot. There are a variety of different design software options that can translate your ideas and paper sketches into digital designs. These programs vary in complexity and cater to a variety of different industries and applications. They also vary in cost and have different learning curves.

Wam uses your finished drawing file (.dxf or .svg) and walks you through the procedure needed to setup your cut with WAZER.

What is WAZER’s operating cost?

These operating costs include Abrasive, Nozzle and Cut Bed replacement costs, which are the primary consumables associated with operating WAZER. They do not include the cost of water or electricity, which will be relatively minor in most North American municipalities.

What are WAZER’s consumables?

Primarily the abrasive, the Cut Bed and the Nozzle.

What maintenance does WAZER require?

Maintenance for WAZER can be broken down into 3 categories: Short Term Service (20-100 hrs.), Medium Service (300 hrs.) and Long Term Service (800 hrs.). Reference the Maintenance Section of the User Manual for details.

How loud is WAZER?

It is easy to hold a conversation next to WAZER while it is cutting. For example, we ran a live on-stage demo while giving a presentation next to WAZER at the Techcrunch Disrupt SF event. We also did interview sessions with various publications while WAZER was running. We do not have a final decibel reading available for release, but we can compare it to some appliances you may be familiar with. For example, it is louder than a dishwasher but significantly quieter than a vacuum. It is also quieter than a grinder or bandsaw.

Is WAZER safe?

WAZER is a machine tool that can cause injury. Please reference the Safety & Compliance section of the User Manual for details.



How fast does WAZER cut?

WAZER's Cut Rate varies depending on the material being cut and the material thickness, so there is no single answer. The Materials and Cut Rate table shows Cut Rates for common materials. If you do not see the material and thickness listed that you want to cut, email us at info@wazer.com and we will test it.

What is the maximum material thickness that WAZER can cut through?

This depends on what material you’re cutting. The list in the Materials and Cut Rate table shows the cut-able thicknesses for various materials. If you don’t see the material and thickness listed that you want to cut, email us at info@wazer.com and we will test it.

If a material isn’t listed, will WAZER cut it?

Most likely. The list in the Materials and Cut Rate table shows Cut Rates for popular materials and thicknesses. If you don’t see the material and thickness listed that you want to cut, email us at info@wazer.com and we’ll test it.

What is the accuracy of WAZER?

This is a tricky question with any cutting tool, because it depends greatly on so many factors, like material, material thickness, Cut Rate and desired geometry. The cut produced by the water stream is roughly 1/16” (1.5mm) in width, so that coincides with approximately the smallest feature (internal diameter or internal line width) you can cut. The Gantry is accurate enough such that hole patterns will line up from part to part.

Can WAZER engrave?

WAZER cannot engrave; it is only designed for through-cutting. Media blasting is a great process to etch on all materials that can be cut with WAZER.

Can WAZER cut materials without abrasive?

No. The hardware on WAZER is capable of cutting certain soft materials without abrasive, but this functionality is not present in the software or firmware. However, it is quite possible that WAZER will have a software and/or firmware upgrade in the future that will allow for this.

Is WAZER Food Safe?

No, WAZER is not food safe.



Does WAZER consume a lot of water?

No, WAZER uses less than 10-20% of the water than that used in a conventional shower head.

Can I re-circulate the water used by WAZER?

No. WAZER requires the use of clean tap water as its water source. You must discard the discharge water from WAZER to your drain.

How clean is the water being drained out of WAZER?

Our unique Abrasive Filtration System removes the abrasive and dense materials you are cutting from the water, so the waste water exiting WAZER is relatively clean. During operation, you will see that the Tank water and waste water is in fact cloudy. This is normal, mainly due to the trace deposits that are in the abrasive. They typically stay in suspension for hours before settling out. There is minimal risk of abrasive clogging in the pipe systems downstream of the drain. However, since there are suspended solids in the water, there will always be a possibility of an clog occurring.

Additionally, if you are cutting hazardous materials or certain metals, please dispose of the waste water properly. Be sure to check your local waste water regulations if you have questions or concerns.

What water pressure does WAZER operate at?

The water pressure is significantly higher than that of household appliances but lower than that of industrial waterjets. We are currently not disclosing the exact pressure. A lot of effort went into setting this pressure to bring you this technology at the price-point you see.

In general this is not a parameter that the user ever needs to consider as it is set by WAZER.

Additionally, pressure will not inform our customers of anything meaningful. The important performance metric to users is Cut Rate, which is a function of the entire hydraulic subsystem design. Pressure is just one element that contributes to performance, in the same way that a higher megapixel camera does not mean you are going to get better photographs (common misconception). This is well documented in industrial waterjet literature, where there are 60,000 PSI waterjets that cut faster than 90,000 PSI machines!

Can I use a different size Nozzle with WAZER?

No. Everything in the hydraulic system is sized proportionally and is not adjustable. This results in a much simpler and lower-cost system. However, we are always listening. Please reach out to us with what you desire from the cutting, and we will consider your needs in the design of our future accessories and products.



Can I reuse the abrasive?

No, we do not suggest reusing abrasive as it may cause WAZER to clog.

How can I dispose of the abrasive?

The abrasive used with WAZER is called garnet. It is an inert, naturally occurring substance that is safe to simply throw away in the trash. Used abrasive can be repurposed in other creative ways such as using it as an additive in concrete mixing or using it as fill in construction.

Can I use abrasive other than the one you sell?

Yes. It must be 80 mesh alluvial garnet. That said, we recommend WAZER Abrasive for the most reliable performance. WAZER’s cutting parameters are calibrated using this abrasive, and all the settings for the Default Materials in the Wam software are based off of many hours of testing with WAZER Abrasive. In our experience, some abrasives are inconsistent and do not work well with WAZER. As a result, problems caused by use of third-party abrasive will not be covered by our support team or in our warranty.



What countries does WAZER ship to?

We currently ship to the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), and Canada. If you are interested in WAZER but live elsewhere, please contact us and tell us which country you are from. We will open up international orders as soon as possible but want to make sure all of our customers are serviced properly.

Are import and duty taxes included?

This will only apply to our Canadian backers and Pre-Orders. Duty and taxes are not included. We currently do not know what the duties and taxes will be, but they will be an additional fee. We will give our Canadian customers a better estimate of this cost before final shipping.

Why isn’t international shipping offered?

We do not offer international shipping as WAZER will not work outside of the United States and Canada due to the mandatory 110V AC / 60 Hz requirement. Some common "fixes" will NOT work:

  • Transformers: A transformer will not work because both the frequency and the voltage need to be converted correctly. A typical transformer will only convert the voltage.  

  • Voltage & Frequency Converters: These are fancier, larger, and significantly more expensive devices. Technically they would correctly modify the voltage and frequency, however in our testing overseas we found that these also do not work due to the loads that are put on the devices.

In summary, WAZER will not work outside of the United States and Canada. We strongly advise not attempting this. Use of WAZER outside of the two countries that it was shipped to will VOID your warranty.

We will be offering an international option in the future, so please email info@wazer.com to be the first to get notified when we announce so.

I don’t live far from the New York City area, can I just pick up my WAZER?

Yes. We would love if our customers stopped by our facility to come chat with us and check out the place. So, if this is interesting to you, email us after placing your order and we will keep a note on file with your order. We just ask you to purchase WAZER as if it were being shipped, and if you pick it up we will refund you the shipping portion.



How do I know if WAZER is right for me?

You will never find us trying to push our product to a customer that it doesn’t make sense for. You are welcome to reach out to us at info@wazer.com to explain your use-case, and we are more than happy to advise on whether WAZER is right for you. If it is not we will happily suggest something that is more appropriate.

How did you make WAZER so affordable?

By far the most expensive component in a traditional abrasive waterjet is the high pressure pump. These subsystems operate at 60,000-90,000 PSI, generate incredible amounts of cutting power and cost tens of thousands of dollars. We have figured out how to maintain useful cutting performance while significantly reducing the water pressure. So sure, we can't cut through 2-inch-thick steel, but you probably don't need to.

Will WAZER offer a warranty or support?

Yes. WAZER comes with a six month warranty and lifetime email support. You can read the complete warranty in our Terms of Service.

Can I transfer ownership of my Kickstarter pledge?

Kickstarter pledge ownership is non-transferable and WAZER will ship only to the original Kickstarter backer.

Where are you based?

Our home base is in New York. We also have a facility in Shenzhen.

Are you looking for help or hiring?

Yes! We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Please see our current job opportunities and reach out to careers@wazer.com.

Can I be a WAZER distributor?

We're always interested in partnering with people who can help make WAZER accessible to everyone. Please contact info@wazer.com to discuss.