What infrastructure do I need to operate WAZER?


WAZER Domestic: 
Two 110-120VAC / 60 Hz /15 Amp Circuits

· One 15 Amp circuit for the Pump Box.
· Two Amps available on a separate circuit for WAZER.
· WAZER and the Pump Box should not be connected to the same 15 Amp electrical circuit. A single 20 Amp circuit is acceptable.
· Both outlet plugs should be within 6 feet (2 meters) of WAZER.

WAZER Global: 
One 220-230VAC / 50 Hz /10 Amp Circuit

· One 10 Amp circuit for the WAZER and Pump Box to be plugged into.
· Outlet plugs should be within 6 feet (2 meters) of WAZER.

Water Supply

  • Flow Rate: Greater than 1 gpm. Most household and commercial water .plumbing will meet this requirement. Typical bathroom circuits faucets 1-3 gpm, kitchen faucets 2-4 gpm, and outdoor shop hoses 3-6 gpm.

  • Pressure: 30-125 psi. Most household and commercial water plumbing systems fall in this range. The higher in that range, the better for the Pump Box in terms of its longevity.

  • Temperature: Less than 130 F (54 C). DO NOT use a hot water line for WAZER.

  • Water Hardness: Less than 180 mg/L (10.5 gpg). Water hardness is the biggest factor that affects the longevity of the components. Most municipal water in North America is below this figure, however, we suggest you give your region a search if this is a concern.

Water Drain

  • Within 30 feet  (9 meters) of the WAZER (routed). Make sure that it does not take more than 30 feet (9 meters) of your water drain hose to for the WAZER to the drain. Additionally, the drain location should be less than 4 feet (1.2 meters) above WAZER.

Benchtop (for WAZER Desktop Only)

  • Sturdy and capable of holding over 350 lbs. (159 kg).

  • Flat and level under load.

  • A clear area of 46" x 27" (117 cm x 69 cm) to allow for access.

  • Does not deteriorate when exposed to water.

    • Good choices: quartz, stainless steel, treated solid wood

    • Poor choices: plywood, unfinished MDF or particle board

  • Note: No desktop is necessary if you plan on using WAZER with the Stand Leg Accessory. However, please keep a 46" x 27" (117 cm x 69 cm) area clear if you intend on using the Stand Leg Accessory to allow for access.


  • The Pump Box is intended to be placed on the floor and requires 30" x 26" (76 cm x 66 cm) of space to allow for adequate airflow, cables and hoses.

Ambient Air Temperature

  • 40-80 F (4 C – 27 C). WAZER should never be stored or operated outside of this range. This strictly refers to the ambient temperature during operation. You have nothing to worry about in terms of storage temperature.

Additional Recommendations

  • Though WAZER is enclosed, it is not a sealed system, and water and abrasive will inevitably leak on occasion. The floor surface should be water-resistant, slip proof and smooth enough for easy cleanup of spills. A nearby floor drain is recommended.

  • If you will be cutting often, make sure that the WAZER location is close to a storage area for Abrasive and Used Abrasive.

  • Make sure to place WAZER in a location where the noise level of traditional shop tools is acceptable.

What software works with WAZER?

Wam is the only software that works with WAZER. You will need this software to convert your design files into Cut Files for your WAZER machine. Wam is browser-based and works on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is a free, simple and intuitive application that allows you to use WAZER in just a few clicks. You can try out Wam, for free.

Can I design my Cut File in WAZER’s software?

No, you cannot. There are a variety of different design software options that can translate your ideas and paper sketches into digital designs. These programs vary in complexity and cater to a variety of different industries and applications. They also vary in cost and have different learning curves.

Wam uses your finished drawing file (.dxf or .svg) and walks you through the procedure needed to setup your cut with WAZER.

What is WAZER’s operating cost?

These operating costs include Abrasive, Nozzle and Cut Bed replacement costs, which are the primary consumables associated with operating WAZER. They do not include the cost of water or electricity, which will be relatively minor in most North American municipalities.

What are WAZER’s consumables?

Primarily the abrasive, the Cut Bed and the Nozzle.

What maintenance does WAZER require?

Maintenance for WAZER can be broken down into 3 categories: Short Term Service (20-100 hrs.), Medium Service (300 hrs.) and Long Term Service (800 hrs.). Reference the Maintenance Section of the User Manual for details.

How loud is WAZER?

It is easy to hold a conversation next to WAZER while it is cutting. For example, we ran a live on-stage demo while giving a presentation next to WAZER at the Techcrunch Disrupt SF event. We also did interview sessions with various publications while WAZER was running. We do not have a final decibel reading available for release, but we can compare it to some appliances you may be familiar with. For example, it is louder than a dishwasher but significantly quieter than a vacuum. It is also quieter than a grinder or bandsaw.

Is WAZER safe?

WAZER is a machine tool that can cause injury. Please reference the Safety & Compliance section of the User Manual for details.

Is WAZER CE Certified?

WAZER is in the process of properly certifying the machine for the European market. The WAZER will be CE-certified prior to shipping our first units.

I have a question regarding using the WAZER in a specific country. Who can I speak to regarding this?

Please reach out to support@wazer.com and we’ll be sure your inquiry gets to the correct person.