Cleaning the Water Inlet Filter

All the water going into the system is filtered at the water inlet of the pump. Over time, this can accumulate debris and sediment commonly found in most water mains. If you have particularly old plumbing, you may need to clean your filter more often. Additionally if there was a broken pipe in you neighborhood you can have ,more debris in the water for a time, this is more common in the winter as pipes freeze.

Inspecting the Inlet Water Filter

Look into the back of your Pump Box where the hoses enter. At the bottom you will see the Water Inlet and just past it a clear viewing area for filter. If it is anything but clean you need to clean the filter out.


Tools needed

  • 29 mm or 1 1/8” Socket

  • or a 1/2” hex wrench



1 Begin by doing a nozzle purge, turning off the water, and unplugging the Pump Box. Then remove the High Pressure Hose from the Pump Box.


2 Remove the Inlet Water Line. Press in on the grey collar before pulling the hose out.


3 Loosen the Thumb Screw securing the pump cover. Remove the cover.


4 With one hand secure the Brass Nut then remove the plastic water inlet hose connector. This should only be hand tight


5 At this point, you need to unscrew the metal end piece. This can be removed by using a socket wrench on the non free-spinning part closest to the filter window, or by inserting a hex key through the center.


6 Pull off the plastic filter cover and the screen


7 Clean off any debris off all surfaces. First rinse off what you can then scrub off the stubborn bits. The risk here is that a small particle can be sucked through and get stuck in the pump seals.


8 To re-assemble first place the screen back on .


9 Place the plastic cover over with the metal end nut. Re-secure with the wrench you have. Sealing here is all achieved by o-rings, so be careful and do not over-tighten.


10 Screw back in the Hose Attachment Adapter. Sealing is achieved by a gasket, so be careful and do not over-tighten.


11 Replace the Pump Box Cover, tighten the Thumb Screws, reattach all plumbing and electrical connections and you are ready to resume cutting.