Clearing the Dry Abrasive Hose End

[NOTICE] From normal use the end of the Abrasive Hose accumulates silt over time and can result in the clogging of the line, which can ruin your Cut. Additionally, following a clog in the hose, the end of the Abrasive hose where it enters the Nozzle Assembly can become either partially or fully blocked.

  1. Remove Abrasive Hose End from the Nozzle Assembly. 

  2. Inspect for severity of clog.

3. Holding the hose a few inches back, flick the hose end against the Nozzle Assembly to dislodge any stuck abrasive.

4. Feel along the silicone hose for any compacted abrasive.  If there is some, see Clearing the Dry Abrasive Hose.

5. Replace the Abrasive Hose End back into the Nozzle Assembly, making sure it is fully seated.