Clearing the Filtration System

The Filtration System that keeps WAZER clean will occasionally become clogged or jammed with abrasive or air bubbles. If WAZER isn’t collecting Used Abrasive at the rate you expect – for example, if you’re putting more Abrasive into the machine than you’re taking out – follow these steps to ensure your Filtration System is working correctly.

1. Select Setup & Maintenance > Maintenance > Used Abr. Collect option on the Control Panel.

2. Open the Door and remove the Front Tank Cover at the front of WAZER.

3. Locate the Used Abrasive Grommets in the right front corner of WAZER. There should be two streams of water shooting from the grommet. If there’s no water flowing from the grommet, make sure you are still in the Used Abr. Collect mode from the Maintenance menu.

4. Use your fingers to plug the two water streams coming from the grommet. Keep the stream plugged for about 10 seconds before removing your fingers. If the water flowing from the grommets was clean and clear before, it should now be murky and filled with Used Abrasive. If the water is still clear, repeat this step until you can see the abrasive being collected or the flow rate increases.

5. Repeat for the other side of WAZER. 

6. Replace the Front Tank Cover and press the OK Button to exit the Used Abr. Collect mode.

7. If you are repeatedly having this clog within a couple minutes, it is likely you have an excessive amount of Used Abrasive that has accumulated in the Tank. You may need to do this procedure multiple times or remove the Cut Bed and manually clean out the bottom of the Tank.