Drain Filter Cleaning

Keep your drain filters clean is the first-defense for your low-pressure system. The Drain Filter needs constant cleaning. If clogged, the low-pressure system will be starved. Improper cleaning may bring more harm than good.

Bacteria can build up in the standing water of the tank. Any injuries, even minor ones, should be treated with caution. If you have an open wound avoid contact with the water or wear gloves that do not expose you to the tank water.

  1. Remove Rear Tank Cover.

2. Locate Drain Filters’ neck connector.

3. Unscrew Drain Filter by twisting the neck, for Batch 1 Filter (do not twist the mesh screen).

Unplug Drain Filter by pulling on the neck, for Batch 2 Filter.

4. Dunk the Drain Filter in a container filled with water.

5. Raise Drain Filter and let it drip clear.

6. Or, put Drain Filter under faucet, rinse it clean.

7. Screw or plug the Drain Filters back in to place.


Next Time

  • It is recommended to clean the Drain Filter after every cut job.

  • DO NOT wipe away any sludge! Wiping will push sludge into filter and may clog low-pressure piping.