Exporting SVG Files

The SVG file format is most commonly used by art and design software. It is an XML-Based vector image format for 2D images. SVG allows for art/designs to scale without loss of fidelity. As opposed to DXF, SVG is an open format which can readily be transferred between multiple programs and most web browsers. This guide is for using your vector graphics program to export an SVG into the WAM software.

(Note: Work in progress, Inkscape only for now)

Inkscape .svg export

1. Once the piece is completed, make sure all paths are continuous.


A quick check for this is to click View > Display Mode > Outline (or cycle through with CTRL + 5) to see if there are any gaps.


2. Save the project as an SVG file. Save As…> then name your file and save it wherever needed.


3. Login to your WAM account and import the file

4. Proceed as normal for cutting.

For steps on how to use the WAM software, please see this page.