Inspecting the High-Pressure O-Rings

[NOTICE] The High-Pressure Hoses need to be checked for wear every 20 – 50 hours. If you do not properly identify wear in the High-Pressure O-Rings, they can become damaged and lead to a severe leak.

To check the High-Pressure O-Rings:

  • Follow the “Safety Instructions” on the “Hose Disconnect Procedure” label next to both sides of the High-Pressure Hose connections. This includes:

    • Ensure the High-Pressure Hose is purged by selecting Setup & Maintenance > Maintenance > Nozzle Purge on the Control Panel. Allow the Nozzle Purge cycle to finish.

    • Turn off WAZER.

    • Disconnect Pump Box and WAZER Power Cables.

    • Disconnect Pump Box Signal Line.

    • Turn off the water supply.

    • Unplug Water Inlet Hose.

  • [WARNING] Disconnect both sides of the High-Pressure Hose before inspecting it. To completely disconnect it pull back on the knurled collet of the Connector and pull the hose out of the Connection.

  • Look into the ends of the High-Pressure Hose Connector and check to see if the O-Ring is frayed, worn, misaligned, or otherwise damaged and needs to be replaced.

If one or both of the High-Pressure O-Rings look damaged in any way, simply replace them with one of the spare O-Rings we provide in the Spare Parts accessory bag. If you are out of spare O-Rings, please contact WAZER Customer Support for replacements.

To replace the High-Pressure O-Ring:

• Use a pick or needle nose pliers to remove the damaged high-pressure O-ring from the high-pressure hose connector.

• Push a fresh high-pressure O-ring into the connector and use a pick or needle nose pliers to push it into place. You should see it nest inside the connector if installed correctly.

• Reconnect the High-Pressure Hose to WAZER and Pump Box. If your O-Rings were damaged, ensure that the High-Pressure Hose does not bend or turn aggressively.

After re-installing the High-Pressure Hose, it is important to follow the guide Maintenance > Maintenance > Priming the machine Hydraulics to get rid of any air in the High-Pressure system before stating to cut again.