Removing the Nozzle

Sometimes to check the quality of the stream, you will need to remove the Nozzle. Here is how to simply do it.

1. Move the cutting head to the upmost position, lock it in place, and unscrew the nozzle guard.
2. Pull down the nozzle guard. The guard will not move out side to side as the nozzle length keeps it in place.
3. Pull down the plastic collet and nozzle into the nozzle guard. This will give you enough space in order to move the nozzle unit out of the way.

Checking the Stream Quality 

Here is an example of a good stream.
Pulsing in the stream could be indicative of a broken orifice or lack of flow into the pump.

Exaggerated spread of stream
An exaggerated spread of stream could possibly be caused by a clog in the nozzle head or broken orifice.

Uneven distribution of stream
This could be due to a broken orifice.

In order to check the quality of the high-pressure stream, ensure the nozzle is removed and placed away from the WAZER. Then on the UI screen, go to Setup & Maintenance > Maintenance > Nozzle Purge.

For information on how to replace an orifice, check out this article.