Preparing the Wazer After it Sits Idle for a Long Time

If the Wazer has been sitting for more than a few days, the heavy abrasive in the bottom of the tank can compact. The compacted abrasive is very difficult for the abrasive system to pick up and if it happens to cover the pickups then the system will not function. This guide will help you get your machine ready to cut again.

Tools Needed:

  • none


1.  Prime the Low pressure system using the guide

2.  Run a couple Tank Cleaning Cycles to loosen up any compacted abrasive

3.  Empty Abrasive bins and the Wazer is ready to use.

  • Note: you may notice a strong smell coming from the Wazer.  Bacteria can grow in the water when it is left idle for a while, and this is why we recommend wearing cloves while putting your hands in the tank water.  After A few tank cleanings a lot of the foul smelling water will have been drained out 

Next Time:

  • Running a few Tank cleaning before letting the machine sit idle will make getting it back up and running faster.  If it is going to be a very long time draining the tank will prevent bacteria from having a place to grow.