Register WAM Account

This procedure will guide you through setting up your WAM account and how to avoid common problems


1. Before we begin, you will need your User Manual

  • Inside, you will need to locate your Software Serial Number


2. Navigate to the WAM section of the WAZER website and select “Register”


3. Enter your information and your Software Serial Number

  • Should you not choose to enter your Software serial number at this stage, you will be prompted to enter it before generating your first cut file


4. Make sure you click out of the text box before clicking “Submit Serial Number” or “Register”

5. You’re all set, see the Guide for using WAM and Machine Procedures for ways to get the most out of the WAZER software

6. One additional option you may want to set up at this point is the public account. A public account gives you the ability to grant others who use your machine restricted access. This lets them generate cut files but not change any machine settings. The option can be found in the machine tab of the options menu