Tank Draining - Siphon Method

Sometimes the tank drain can get clogged with abrasive and requires siphon method draining, or you may just want to drain your tank in a hurry.  WARNING this is not a clean method – you will likely spill some water.

  1. Get a length of hose around 4’ long. The wider the diameter the faster the water will drain but also the more of a potential mess you can make.

2. Remove one of the abrasive buckets

3. Prepare at least two empty five gallon buckets in front of your machine.

4. Hold the ends of the hose together and fill the hose with water. You will need to lift and lower this a few times to make sure there is no air in the line.

5. Place you finger over one of the ends.

6. Put the capped-off end into the empty space where the abrasive bucket was below the water line. Keep your finger over the end of the hose.

7. Drop the other end of the hose into one of the five gallon buckets. Release your finger from the end of the hose in the water.

8. As the water flows into the bucket make sure to keep the one end always below the water level or the siphon will break, and you will need to begin the process again.

9. Once one bucket fills most of the way quickly move the hose to an empty bucket.

10. When finished, drain the remaining water from the hose and you are now ready to clean out your tank.