Winter Safe Keeping

WAZER, as any water-involving equipment, needs to be protected from freezing temperature. Water expands when freezing, thus when water is left in WAZER it will destroy tubing, valves, and fixtures when it freezes.

It is recommended not to leave the WAZER or Pump Box in a sub-zero temperature environment for any amount of time. If you do, it is vital to purge water and wet abrasive from piping and other constrained areas. Not only because water expands when freezing; water retained in used abrasive will be pushed out and further acerbates the expansion problem. This expansion will destroy piping and tank body if left unattended.

If you have to leave WAZER overnight in frigid weather, please follow these steps to properly purge the water out of WAZER main unit and Pump Box. Cutting any corners may result in piping rupture or valve failure, and render crucial WAZER systems destroyed.

When you are ready to use your WAZER again, bring the unit back into the warmth. You will then need to let all of the pieces come back up to room temperature before adding water.

Purging the WAZER Main Unit

  1. Completely drain the tank. Make sure the water level and used abrasive level are below pickup filters bulkheads.

2. If the used abrasive level is too high, it is recommended to scrap some out, until pickup filters are exposed.

3. Unplug/unscrew drain filter from their sockets. Rinse it if needed.

4. Cut 3 feet of #3 tubing, and 3 inches of #4 tubing from spare parts bag provided.

5. Insert 10mm of #3 tubing into the #4 tubing.

6. Jam #3 tubing into drain filter socket on the inside, feel the rubber gasket sealing the tubing. It is vital to maintaining a proper fit.

7. Connect #4 tubing end to the compressed air nozzle.

8. Gently press the compressed air lever to let the air flow in a controlled manner.

9. Look for water droplets/stream blown out from other Drain Filter socket, Pickup Filter end and Used Abrasive Grommet.

10. Observe the Venturi cavities. Make sure the cavities have at least 50% air. If possible, blow as much water as possible away from Venturi.

11. Unplug #3 tubing from drain filter socket, double check the tank; see if any water seeps out from used abrasive. Clear any amount of standing water you may see.

12. Perform a Nozzle Purge to eliminate any residue pressure from the pump.

13. Disconnect the High-Pressure Hose (exterior) from WAZER main unit.

14. Turn on machine, on Control Panel go to Maintenance > Peripheral Check > HP Valve. At this point, you will hear the HP Solenoid Valve click open. Leave it open.

15. Use compressed air to blow high-pressure air from the main unit high-pressure quick connect male and observe trace amounts of water coming out from the nozzle.

16. Blow until there is no water coming out from the nozzle.

17. Turn off HP solenoid valve by exiting Peripheral Check on the Control Panel and switch off the machine.

18. Close door window.

Purging the Pump Box

1. Disconnect High-Pressure Hose (exterior) from the WAZER main unit and Pump Box.

2. Let the hose drain fully.

3. Disconnect water inlet from Pump Box.

4. Connect previously used #3 tubing air adapter to the water inlet.

5. Use compressed air to blow from the water inlet. Be careful some water will rush out from the high-pressure outlet.