Abrasive Out Flow is Weak

Weak abrasive flow can be a symptom of a few different problems. Not only does it make it harder to get spent abrasive out of your machine it can also affect the smooth running of your WAZER.

Strong Flow With No Abrasive

The situation can exist where you see a strong flow of water out of the Used Abrasive Grommets but there is no abrasive in the stream. This could just be a simple fix, or it could be indicative of a larger problem in your Used Abrasive system.

No Cutting

No Material is being removed while WAZER is cutting. This could either look like a light sanding of the Material in the area that was supposed to cut or no cutting or marking whatsoever. You may also see water spraying everywhere as the Jet exits the Nozzle and sprays off of the Material.

Partial Cutting

Partial Cutting occurs when WAZER partially cuts through your Material, but it fails to fully cut through. You will also see a directed water spray in the direction opposite of the Gantry motion.

Trouble Getting Abrasive Buckets In

Abrasive can build up underneath the Abrasive Collection Buckets during normal use. This can make it difficult to get the buckets back in after disposing of Used Abrasive.

High-Pressure Leak

When this issue occurs, you will notice water leaking from the High-Pressure Connection on the back of the Pump Box or WAZER.

ERROR: Check Drain Filters and Dump Hose

WAZER indirectly measures the rate at which water is drained to alert you when the Drain Filters are clogging. If you see this message, it is likely that you need to clean your Drain Filters.

ERROR: Unexpected End of Cut File

If you are running a Cut File from a SD Card, WAZER will alert you if it ever loses connection with the file that it is reading from.

Regenerate Cut File

When preparing your WAZER to cut it may display the error “Incorrect or Wrong Wam Version”. While it might actually be that the file was generated with an outdated version of the software, it can also indicate that there is a problem with either the full sized or micro sd card.

Recurring Backflow/ Abrasive Clogs

If you find that after a backflow or a abrasive clog, you get another immediately or even shortly after, the situation indicates that you have other problems waiting to be solved. There are two likely root causes.

Unsuccessful Cut

An unsuccessful cut can come from a variety of different reason in multiple different subsystems. This guide will walk-through how to find what is specifically not working and point to the resource for how to fix the underling problem.

Low Used Abrasive Collection Rate

After a Cut you may notice that the amount of Used Abrasive collected in the Used Abrasive Buckets is lower than you would expect. It may be the case that after a Cut, there isn’t any Used Abrasive in the Buckets. This is not normal behavior; there are some things you can do to help improve the Used Abrasive collection of your WAZER.

ERROR: Add Water to Tank

Similar to the way WAZER monitors your water drain rate, a timer is constantly monitoring the water level in your Tank. If it realizes that the water level is low, it will alert you.

WAZER Suddenly Turns Off - High Water Level

WAZER is constantly monitoring the water level. However, if the water level gets too high at any point, a safety shutoff switch will activate to prevent the Tank from overflowing.

Gantry Homing Failed

When the cutting head returns to the back left cornet to home you may hear a loud noise from the stepper motor and see the gantry vibrating and unsuccessfully trying to drive itself into the corner. This indicates a homing problem

Distorted Cut

The guide will help diagnose a distorted cut result. The may look like gantry shaking or the gantry can’t reach the cutting extents.

Blank UI Screen

This error usually has to do with with a config file problem

ERROR: Close Door

If the Door window is closed and the controller screens still read “Close Door” then there may be a simple adjustment needed to get things working

Abnormally Loud Abrasive Hopper

Sometime you will hear a particularly loud noise coming from the abrasive hopper. It can be a simple as a lack of abrasive all the way to needing to change a part. This guide will walk through diagnosing what is wrong.

WAZER Suddenly Turns Off - Low water level

WAZER is constantly monitoring the water level. However, if the water level gets too low at any point, a safety shutoff switch will activate to prevent the Tank from getting damaged by the jet. If you hear WAZER abruptly shut off, or if it powers down in the middle of a Cut follow thisguide

Sudden Loss in Cutting

Follow this guide if you noticed a sudden change in the cutting sound during a cut and the Wazer stop cutting through the material