Abnormally Loud Abrasive Hopper

Sometime you will hear a particularly loud noise coming from the abrasive hopper. It can be a simple as a lack of abrasive all the way to needing to change a part.  This guide will walk through diagnosing what is wrong.

Check:  Is there Abrasive in the hopper.

  • Root Cause:  When there is no abrasive in the hopper there is nothing to damp out out the effects of the vibration motors.  
  • Corrective Action: Add abrasive. 

Check:  Pull out the Abrasive Hopper. Then run Setup & Maintenance > Input Output Check > Output Check > Vibration Motors.   Observe the Vibration motors to see if both are spinning

  • Root Cause: There is strange problem where there is a tiny bit of extra resistance on one motor and the other then run at double the speed and the other runs at double speed.
  • Corrective Action 1:  Hold the one motor that does spin then have someone else run the Vibration Motors check again.  
  • Corrective Action 2:  If this doesn't work contact Wazer Support for a replacement  part