Abrasive Out Flow is Weak

Weak abrasive flow can be a symptom of a few different problems. Not only does it make it harder to get used abrasive out of your machine it can also affect the smooth running of your WAZER. The following procedure will help you find the source of your problem and get things running smoothly again.

Check: Is the abrasive pick up system primed?

  • Root Cause: Abrasive is sucked up using the 4x venturi blocks in the bottom corners of the tank. These blocks have large air bubles form in them when the machine is not in use. These air bubbles will drastically reduced the amount of suction each is capable of.
  • Corrective Action: Follow the guide Clearing the Filtration System. When complete use Setup & Maintenance > Maintenance > Used Abrasive Collect mode to check how well the system is working. The image below shows what a good strong flow should look like.

Check: Is the tank full of excessive abrasive?

  • Root Cause: There is a point where there is too much abrasive and it becomes compacted and can't easily be picked up by the Abrasive Pickups.
  • Corrective Action: Try running a Tank Cleaning Cycle. After the cycle completes check using the Used Abrasive Collect mode.

Check: Are the Drain filters clogged

  • Root Cause: If the drain filters are clogged the water into the low pressure system is heavily restricted and in turn the abrasive suction is reduced.
  • Corrective Action: Try Cleaning the Drain Filters. Check again using the Used Abrasive Collect mode.

Check: Is the area in front of baffle for excessive abrasive.


  • Root Cause: If this area is full of an excess of abrasive it will prevent water from making it to the filters and in turn reduce the power to the venturi for sucking up abrasive.
  • Corrective Action: Run Setup & Maintenance >Maintenance> Abr. Filter Cleaning. This will try to blast compacted abrasive out of this area and the area by the abrasive pickups.

Check is the rear filter pit full of abrasive? Follow the guide Rear baffle quick check

  • Root Cause: If this area fills with abrasive it restricts the flow of water from the main tank to the filters and in turn the abrasive suction system.
  • Corrective Action: If there is significant abrasive then do a Full Tank Cleaning with the complete back cleaning.

If nothing else has worked do a Full Tank Cleaning this will get the machine back to a working state. If for some reason this doesn't work contact Wazer Support as you may have a hardware problem

[CAUTION] Bacteria can build up in the standing water of the tank. Any injuries or cuts, even minor ones, should be treated with caution. If you have an open wound avoid contact with the water or wear gloves that do not expose you to the tank water.


Next Time

Keeping the tank clean is the best way to avoid having this problem in the future. We recommend running a Tank Cleaning Cycle before and after cuts. Also, if your machine has been sitting for a long time it is strongly recommended to run the Tank Cleaning Cycle a few times.