Distorted Cut

The guide will help diagnose a distorted cut result. The may look like gantry shaking or the gantry can’t reach the cutting extents.

Tools Required:

  • None


Check: Can the machine reach the cutting extents ? With the WAZER off or outside of a cut, Pull the cutting head to each of the extents of the cutting area.

  • Root Cause: The High Pressure line can restrict the movement of the gantry if it slips back into the grommet in the rear of the tank.

  • Corrective Action: Pull on the high pressure line to pull a bit of the line up from the grommet in the rear of the tank. Check again that you can move the cutting head to all corners of the cutting bed. Be careful not to pull out too much or it won’t be able to return to back of the cutting extents.


Note how there is some slack in the High Pressure Hose even at the furthest extent

Check: Does the gantry move smoothly throughout the entire cutting area?

  • Root Cause: If somehow the bellows were damaged, abrasive and water could get into the bellows and damage the bearings

  • Corrective actions: Contact WAZER Support for information on what to do next.