ERROR: Add Water to Tank

NOTE: Occasionally, this error may come up falsely if you have recently emptied your Used Abrasive Buckets. This is the only time, you may choose to accept this error once and continue cutting.

Similar to the way WAZER monitors your water drain rate, a timer is constantly monitoring the water level in your Tank. If it realizes that the water level is low, it will alert you with the following warning. This is critical to make sure you have sufficient water in the Tank to dissipate the energy coming out of the Nozzle.

If this is the first time you are seeing this message, fill the Tank to the Cut Bed level height, accept the message by pressing the OK Button, and continue cutting.

If this error happens subsequently, it is possible that one of the components involved in water management is incorrectly functioning, or that there is a problem with the Used Abrasive Collection system. you should NEVER ignore this error subsequent times as this may cause damage to the bottom of your Tank and produce a leak in WAZER. If this error occurs but the water level looks correct, it is possible that the Tank Baffle is clogged with abrasive.

Check: Is water in the tank not reaching the drain filters? Remove the drain Filter cover from the rear of the tank. Select Setup & Maintenance > Maintenance > Used Abr. Collect. Once the collection system is active observed the water level by drain pick up filters.

  • Root Cause: If it is significantly lower than the main tank water level, then the tank baffle is blocked with abrasive and water can’t make it to the drain filters.

  • Corrective Actions: The abrasive block will need to be cleaned out. the best way to do this is Maintenance > Maintenance Procedures > Full Tank Cleaning

If the tank is clean and the error repeatedly appears then there may be a problem with the water level sensor. Please contact Customer Support to further diagnose the issue.