ERROR: Check Drain Filters and Dump Hose

WAZER indirectly measures the rate at which water is drained. This Error exists to alert you when there is something preventing clear drain flow. It is most likely that the Drain Filters are clogging. To check this locate the Drain Filters which are located in the rear of the WAZER tank, underneath the Rear Tank Cover. To clean the filters refer to Maintenance > Maintenance Procedures > Cleaning the Drain Filter.

If you have recently cleaned your Drain Filters, but you are still seeing this error, it may be indicative of a larger problem. the following will walk you through debugging the problem.

Check: Is the Water Drain hose clear, have no obstructions, kinks, or sharp turns.

  • Root Cause: Any thing that can cause a resistance to the outlet flow will throw off the timing of the water leveling system as it assumes a certain drain rate.
  • Corrective action I: un-kink the line and make sure that water can freely flow from the drain hose
  • Corrective action II: If you haven’t been able to complete a cut successfully before, follow the instructions in Maintenance > Maintenance Procedures > Updating the Config File to unplug the Micro SD Card from the Control Box and plug it into a computer to view the files. Open the file named “config.txt” and find the parameter named “waterjetcutter. filter_cleaning_seconds”. This variable counts the number of seconds it takes for the Tank to drain. If you increase this variable, WAZER will wait longer before throwing a Clean Drain Filters error. Sometimes, if your Water Drain Hose is long, or if it’s routed high above your WAZER, it can take longer than expected for the Tank to drain.
  • Corrective action III: Increase the “waterjetcutter.filter_cleaning_ seconds” variable and try running your cut again. If you are still getting a Drain Filter clog error, you can continue to increase the variable incrementally until you no longer see the error. However, if you increase the variable too much, WAZER won’t be able to tell you when your Drain Filters are clogging, and your Tank may completely fill with water, triggering a safety shutoff switch to prevent an overflow. If you feel uncomfortable adjusting the configuration parameters, or if the above instructions are unclear or did not fix the issue, please contact WAZER Customer Support for guidance.

Check: Does the middle float switch work. Navigate to Setup & Maintenance > Maintenance > Input Output Check > Input > Water Level Sensor

  • Root Cause: While the switch is a simple device it can still malfunction or the connector can get messed up.
  • Corrective action: Contact Wazer Support for a replacement

If you have been successfully cutting at all before then the problem most likely has to do with excessive abrasive in the back of the tank.

Check: Is the Tank Baffle Clear? Follow the guide Maintenance > Machine Procedure > Rear Baffle Quick Check

  • Root Cause: If the Baffle is clogged then it will cause the water level sensors to see a different water level then the tank is actually at.
  • Corrective Action: To clear the Baffle requires a Full Tank Cleaning

Check:  Is the Drain filter completely below the water level?  / Is the drain filter straight ?

  • Root Cause: If the Drain Filter ends up deformed or is installed at an angle part of it can stick up above the water level.  This allows air to get into the pump as becomes easier to suck air in than water.  Once this happens it completely throws off the water leveling routine.
  • Corrective Action:  Straighten out the Filter and make sure it stays below the water level. 


Next Time

We find that this problem most often happens after a machine has sat idle for a long time with a decent amount of abrasive in it or near the end of very long cuts. To avoid this problem form happening in the future we recommend running a few tank cleaning cycles before your first cut after the WAZER has sat for a long time. Also, if you are about to run a long cut it is good to run a tank cleaning before hand as well.