ERROR: Close Door

If the Door window is closed and the controller screens still read “Close Door” then there may be a simple adjustment needed to get things working

Check: Press down on the door window to see if the error goes away.

  • Root Cause:  If there is a build up of abrasive on the front lip of the enclosure it can move the magnet too far from the sensor. 
  • Corrective Action:  Clean the front lip off

Check:  Is the door window magnet within 5 mm of the of the end of the door window gasket.  See the photo below for where to look 


  • Root Cause:  The door interlock system is made up of a magnet and a sensor that must be within a specific distance to tell the machine it is safe to run a cut.  The magnet can move slightly from where it is supposed to be preventing the sensor from registering.
  • Corrective Actions:  Follow the guide Door Switch Magnet Adjustment

If this doesn't fix your problem contact Wazer Support for further help