ERROR: Cut Failed Lower Tank Water To Cut Bed Level

WAZER is constantly monitoring the water level. However, if the water level gets too high at any point, a safety shutoff switch will activate to prevent the Tank from overflowing. If the WAZER abruptly shuts off, fails to turn on even though all electrical connections are good, or if it displays the Cut Failed error, we suggest you do the following:

  • Lower the water level in your Tank to about the Cut Bed height. This can be done using mode on the controller in Setup & Maintenance > Maintenance > Water Level Setup. Or the Tips & Tricks > Quick Drain method or by dumping out an Abrasive buckets worth of water

  • The problem is most likely cloged drain filters. Clean the Drain Filters by referring to Maintenance > Maintenance Procedures > Cleaning the Drain Filters.

    If this error happens subsequently, it is possible that one of the components involved in water management is incorrectly functioning. Follow the guide here to debug the system