ERROR: Unexpected End of Cut File

If you are running a Cut File from a SD Card, WAZER will alert you if it ever loses connection with the file that it is reading from.

If this error occurs, it means that you will have to restart your Cut. Before continuing, however, we recommend that you try to identify the cause: check to see if the SD Card is fully seated in its slot. If it wasn’t, then it likely got bumped
or moved after you started cutting. If it is fully seated, then a read error may have happened; you should restart your Cut.

If this error happens subsequently, try another SD Card. You can also transfer the Cut File onto WAZER’s onboard Micro SD Card and run the Cut directly from there. If you choose to run the Cut File from the onboard Micro SD Card, make sure not to leave a standard SD Card plugged into WAZER, otherwise you won’t be able to view the files on the machine’s Micro SD Card. This fix will keep you cutting, but we suggest you contact Customer Support to further diagnose the issue.