Gantry Homing Failed

When the cutting head returns to the back left cornet to home you may hear a loud noise from the stepper motor and see the gantry vibrating and unsuccessfully trying to drive itself into the corner. This indicates a homing problem

Tools Needed

  • Water from either a hose or a bucket


Check: Are the gantry bellows covered in Abrasive?

  • Root Cause: When this happens the bellows can’t compress enough for the gantry to return all the way to home.

  • Corrective Action: Clean abrasive off bellows with hose or bucket of water. After you’ve cleaned off the bellows you may find the water level is too high. Use the Maintenance > Quick Drain to lower the water level to the cutting bed.

Check: Do the Limit Switches work?

  • Root Cause: The extents of WAZER cutting area are managed by mechanical limit switches. With the machine turned off move the cutting head to each of the extents and listen for the quiet click of each limit switch.

  • Corrective Actions: If you don’t hear anything follow the instructions in Adjusting the Limit Flag Stop. If this doesn't work for you or have any questions Contact WAZER Support for more information.