WAZER is constantly monitoring the water level. However, if the water level gets too low at any point, a safety shutoff switch will activate to prevent the Tank from getting damaged by the jet. If you hear WAZER abruptly shut off, or if it powers down in the middle of a Cut we suggest you do the following:  The power can also cut out but the water level will seem normal, in this case see the second check

Check: Is there water underneath the Wazer?

  • Root Cause.  If the Wazer spend a long time cutting where there is no material it is possible for the jet to damage the bottom of tank
  • Corrective Action:  Contact Wazer Support for the next steps.

Check: Does the Machine turn back on after a few minutes?

  • Root Cause:  If the rear baffle is clogged with abrasive it is possible that the water level in the filter area is drained while the main tank is still at a normal water level. Run the Rear Baffle Quick Check to be sure
  • Corrective Action:  Do a Full Tank Clean

Check: Is the middle float switch stuck?

  • Root Cause:  It is unlikely but possible but the middle float switch can get jammed in the low float switch if it was not installed correctly.
  • Corrective Action: Contact Wazer Support for the next steps.

Check: Does the middle float switch work. Navigate to Setup & Maintenance > Maintenance > Input Output Check > Input > Water Level Sensor

  • Root Cause:  While the switch is a simple device it can still malfunction or the connector can get messed up.
  • Corrective action:  Contact Wazer Support for a replacement

Check: Is the drain rate too high?

  • Root Cause:  Wazer doesn't actively measure the drain rate and instead relies on timing and a float sensor to manage the water level.  If the drain rate is beyond the range designed for the low sensor can trip.  This can happen if your drain line is extremely short or there somehow there is suction on the line.
  • Corrective Action:  The variable "waterjetcutter.filter_cleaning_seconds" in the Wazer config file can be reduced to accommodate the faster fill rate. Follow the guide here for removing the micro sd card from the controller and inserting it into your computer.

Check:  Is the Drain filter completely below the water level?  / Is the drain filter straight ?

  • Root Cause: If the Drain Filter ends up deformed or is installed at an angle part of it can stick up above the water level.  This allows air to get into the pump as becomes easier to suck air in than water.  Once this happens it completely throws off the water leveling routine.
  • Corrective Action:  Straighten out the Filter and make sure it stays below the water level.