No Cutting

With this issue, no Material is being removed while WAZER is cutting. This could either look like a light sanding of the Material in the area that was supposed to cut or no cutting or marking whatsoever. You may also see water spraying everywhere as the Jet exits the Nozzle and sprays off of the Material.

Fundamentally you can break the system down in to a few simple parts that can be evaluated individually.

Check: Was the Pump Box on when it was supposed to be Cutting? You should clearly hear the sound of the Pump Box turning on when you start a Cut.

  • Root Cause: If not, the Pump Box is not receiving power or signal to turn on.

  • Corrective Action: Make sure to connect the Pump Box to an AC power source with the Pump Box Power Cable. Also, ensure the Signal Cable coming from the WAZER is plugged in. Before resuming, you must clean out the Abrasive Hopper and Abrasive Hose. Follow the instructions in Maintenance > Maintenance Procedures > Cleaning the Abrasive Hopper and Abrasive Hose.

Check: Is the water supply to the Pump Box turned on?

  • Root Cause: WAZER does not know whether it is being supplied with water or not. If the water supply is not providing sufficient water, the machine will not be able to cut.

  • Corrective Action: Double check all your plumbing and make sure that water is being provided to the Pump Box.

Check: Identify if abrasive is flowing out of your Abrasive Hopper by performing Maintenance > Maintenance Procedures > Abrasive Flow Rate Check.

  • Root Cause: If not, you have a clog in your Abrasive Hopper.

  • Corrective Action: Ensure that the abrasive has a clean path to the Nozzle by performing Maintenance > Maintenance Procedures > Cleaning the Abrasive Hopper and Abrasive Hose.

Check:  ls abrasive making it from the hopper to the Nozzle? Trace the path of the abrasive hose to make sure it isn't pinched anywhere by a overly tight zip tie

  • Root Cause:  A small constriction can cause a clog to form in the abrasive hose and the abrasive won't make it to the Nozzle
  • Corrective Action Loosen up the zip ties and un kink the hose if needed.

Check is the orifice in good health? Follow the guide Checking the stream

  • Root Cause: If the orifice is damaged or worn out there won't be the needed cutting power reaching the work piece. It can also cause abrasive not to be drawn up from the abrasive hopper
  • Corrective Action: Follow replacing the orifice