Strong Flow With No Abrasive

You may encounter a strong flow of water out of the Used Abrasive Grommets but there is no abrasive in the stream. This could just be a simple fix, or it could be indicative of a larger problem in your Used Abrasive system.

  1. Make sure there is in fact abrasive in area of the abrasive pickups.

Alternatively, you can drop some used abrasive in the area above the pickup and see if it is picked up and ejected from the Used Abrasive Grommets.

2. Try to re-prime the Venturi by Clearing the Filtration System.

When doing this, open the Abrasive Hopper and look at the Venturi to see if the abrasive collection stops and then begins to flow again.

3. Run a Tank Cleaning Cycle.

4. Try to re-prime again by Clearing the Filtration System. Watch the Venturi directly again.

5. While Clearing the Filtration System, try to determine which Venturi is clogged. You can do this by blocking the ports in the used Abrasive Grommet individually. Once you’ve figured out which ones need to be cleared run RearClean.

6. At this point, if you cannot get them flowing you will need to do a Full Tank Cleaning.


Next Time

This problem can occur after the machine has sat for a long time with a lot of spent abrasive in the tank.  Cleaning before and after long cuts can help avoid this problem.