How to Use Wam

User Interface

Wam can be split up into three areas:

1. Wam Menu:

    • Start a new Wam setup by clicking on the 'W" Icon.

    • Select the options menu by clicking on the "GEAR" Icon to change user account settings, preferences, and your personal WAZER settings.

2. Cut File Section: Use these six expandable Sections to configure the Cut on WAZER.

3. Virtual Cut Bed: This area represents the WAZER Cut Bed. This allows you to arrange various Designs to be cut, exactly as they will be cut on WAZER’s Cut Bed.


The Virtual Cut Bed

  • Arrange Cut Groups for cutting. Left-click on the desired cut group and drag into place.

  • Select multiple Cut Groups at once:

    • Apply the same settings to multiple cut groups.

    • Hold the CTRL or SHIFT key, and select multiple cut groups.

    • The Bounding Box indicates selected cut groups.

    • Move the cut groups as a group into the desired position.


Wam Settings

By clicking on the "GEAR" icon you will be brought into a two Section pop-up menu:

1. User Section

Account Preferences, including:

- Name

- Username

- Email

Account Type

- Demo Account - Account is not registered to a valid WAZER with a Serial Number. Some Wam functionality will not be available to the user.

- Registered Account - Account is registered to a valid WAZER. All Wam functionality is available to the user. For every machine purchase you have a software license serial number. Registering a software account with this serial number enables that account to be a full registered account. Each one of these serial numbers can be used to register three accounts, so be mindful of who you give this serial number to. If your situation requires more accounts, please contact WAZER customer service.

- Public Account – Account is registered to a valid WAZER. All Wam functionality is available to the user besides editing user/machine options and adding materials. Creating one of these accounts can be done by a full registered account holder of a machine.

Units - Specify the desired units


Serial Number - This is a list of registered WAZER machines your account is linked to. Entering additional valid Software serial numbers will register additional machines to your account

Default Jet Diameter - This is the diameter of the Jet, otherwise known as the Kerf.

Export Material Library - As a registered Wam account holder you can save custom Materials to your account. You can easily export and import these Materials if you would like to share these settings with others.

Public Account – As a registered Wam account holder you can enable/disable a public access account for each of your machines. We have found that this may be a very useful tool for shared workspaces in particular, as you can share this public account login credentials with trained users of the machine, but at the same time controlling clutter in your material database or unwanted machine settings getting changed.