Wam Overview & Setup

Wam is browser-based. You can access it at wam.wazer.com.
After logging in, you will import the design to be cut. After setting your cut parameters, Wam will generate a unique cut file which you will transfer to WAZER. This cut file will contain all the information WAZER needs to cut the design in your chosen Material.


Wam Account Setup


You’ll need to register before using Wam for the first time.

  • Go to: https://wam.wazer.com and select "Register".

  • Use WAZER’s software serial number to register your account and gain full access to the Wam feature set. The software serial number is located on the first page of your user manual that shipped with your Wazer.

    NOTE: Some users have reported trouble registering their serial number on Wam. After inputting the serial number, click outside the text box or press Enter to verify the serial number. This will allow you to complete registration by pressing the


Note: Some users have reported trouble with registering their serial number later because of a block symbol on the Submit Serial Number button. Once you have typed in your number, either click outside the text box or press Enter to validate the number, then the button will activate and allow you to finish registering.

Logging In

  • Go to: https://wam.wazer.com

  • Log in using your registered user name and password (case sensitive).

  • You will remain logged in for 24 hours.