Cutting On WAZER

Learn the process of cutting with WAZER by completing the Welcome Cut.

Cutting on WAZER requires a specific procedure that must be followed. You will find a checklist at the end of this chapter that you can post prominently as a reminder.

[CAUTION] You must follow all instructions listed in this section for successful operation of WAZER. Failing to follow these instructions could result in damage to WAZER and property, or injury.

Cut Preparation

All steps need to be completed before every cut. If this is your first time using the WAZER, take some extra time with each step and don’t move on until you’re sure everything is OK.

Cut Startup

Learn the steps to go from powering on to being ready to cut. Over time these steps will become familiar and the Control Panel will likely be enough to guide you through the setup process.

Once you understand how to cut with your WAZER, you can get your files ready.