Cutting On WAZER Checklist

[WARNING] NEVER skip any Startup or Shutdown steps. Failure to complete these steps could lead to injury and damage to your WAZER and property.

We suggest you print this page and leave it with/next to your machine. Never skip any startup or shutdown steps.

1. Preparation:

□ Wear proper Personal Protective Equipment

□ Open the On/Off Valve

□ Fill the Tank

□ Level the Cut Bed

□ Secure the Wazer Drain Hose

□ Check for Leaks

□ Confirm all Electrical Connections

□ Position the Water Sensor Alarms

2. Setup:

□ Insert the SD Card

□ Turn on WAZER

□ Prime Low Pressure and High Pressure Systems

□ Transfer Cut Files to WAZER

□ Follow the Control Panel Prompts:

    o Home WAZER

    o Load Abrasive

    o Empty the Used Abrasive Buckets

    o Confirm the Water Supply is On

    o Fasten the Material

    o Set the Nozzle Height

    o Check Cut Extents & Dry Run

3. Cutting:

Look and Listen for:

    o   Popups

    o   Clogs

    o   Partial Cutting

    o   Leaks

4. Shutdown:

□ Close the On/Off Valve

□ Turn WAZER Off

□ Empty the Used Abrasive

□ Leave the Door Open