Cut Quality

Cut quality on WAZER is a function of the Cut Rate. A Fine Cut (slower Cut Rate) will result in a smoother surface along the edges of your Part, whereas a Coarse Cut (faster Cut Rate) will result in a rougher surface along the edges of your Part.

As a reference guide, the illustration provided shows approximately what to expect at three different levels of available Cut Quality. More on how to set the Cut Rate in Section 6: Creating Cut Files of this User Manual.

Remove the Tabs

At the end of a Cut, scrap pieces will still be connected to your Part This is necessary to keep the Part in place and to avoid Pop-Ups during the Cut.

Tab Removal refers to the activity of removing your desired Part and the remainder of the scrap Material by breaking the small connections between them. To do this, wear protective gloves and use a blunt tool or set of pliers to bend the pieces until the Tabs break.

If it is difficult to remove Tabs, we suggest you lightly Dremel the backside of the Tab and make sure you decrease your Tab size for that Material in the software (more on this in Creating Cut Files).

Deburr Your Part

Parts may be sharp immediately after cutting. It may be required to remove a sharp edge on the bottom side of the Part. We suggest using a deburring tool or file that is appropriate for the geometry and material.

 Also see Tips & Tricks > Material Finishing & Handling.