Cut Preparation

Do not attempt to cut if you have not completed the instructions outlined for Setting Up WAZER. Also, refer to WAZER Systems Dissection in Section 3 to familiarize yourself with all the components of WAZER. We will be referencing these parts by name throughout the remainder of this section.

Checklist: Before You Cut

Complete this procedure before every Cut. If this is your first time using WAZER, take some extra time to make sure everything is done correctly.

1. [WARNING] Wear Proper Personal Protective Equipment

Eye protection is required whenever using WAZER. Non-slip footwear is also recommended.

2. [NOTICE] Open On/Off Valve

Open the On/Off Valve, which will turn on the water supply. Forgetting to do this could lead to damage to the Pump Box and to a Failed Cut. Make sure that water is flowing to WAZER and that you know how to turn the water off in case of an emergency.


3. [NOTICE] Fill the Tank

DO not run WAZER without water in the Tank. The water in the Tank is critical to protect the bottom of WAZER from the Jet during cutting. Make sure the Tank is filled approximately to the top level of the Cut Bed. WAZER has sensors that can measure the amount of water in the Tank, so the Water Level does not need to be precise; as long as it is within 1/4” above or below the top surface of the Cut Bed. It will take approximately 15 gallons of water to reach this level.

To fill the Tank, open the Door and manually add water with a bucket or a hose.

This will be required the first time you use WAZER, when servicing the machine, and if WAZER has been sitting idle resulting in water evaporation.


4. Level the Cut Bed

You may notice that the Cut Bed and water level are not parallel. This may occur for a few reasons: the table or floor is not level, the water may not have settled into the Cut Bed fully, or the Cut Bed may not be level.

Before cutting, it’s a good to check whether your Cut Bed is level with the Nozzle. To do so, please refer to Maintenance & Machine Procedures > Leveling the Cut Bed.


5. [NOTICE] Secure the Water Drain Hose

Ensure that the Water Drain Hose is correctly positioned, free of obstructions and secure to avoid water spillage.

6. Check for Leaks

Inspect the area around WAZER, Pump Box and accompanying hoses for leaks.

If there is a leak or things get wet that likely shouldn't have, please turn everything off, wipe it down, and LET IT DRY overnight before seeing if anything was damaged and is still working.

7. Confirm All Electrical Connections

Ensure that the Pump Box Power Cable and the WAZER Power Cable are plugged into appropriate outlets. Additionally, check that the Signal Cable is connected to the Pump Box.

8. Position Water Sensor Alarms

Take the two Water Sensor Alarms from the Accessory Kit and place them around WAZER. We recommend placing one on the table below the Tank, and the other behind the Pump Box. Make sure they are turned ON. These sensors will sound an audible alarm if they get wet, alerting you to a possible leak. Note that the Water Sensor Alarms are NOT connected to WAZER and will NOT pause its operation. It is critical that you regularly test the sensors to ensure that they are always operational and charged.

9. [NOTICE] Ensure Plumbing is Primed

Required for initial WAZER setup! If this is your first cut, or this is your first cut after disconnecting a water line or sitting unused for some time, make sure you Prime the Plumbing to ensure all the air has been purged from the water lines before starting your cut.