Regular Maintenance Between Cuts

Please perform the following maintenance actions after every 4-6 hours of runtime (typically this will be about two Cuts of medium size and quality.)

It is essential to perform these tasks routinely; more often will not harm your WAZER but performing them less often than every 6 hours of runtime can lead to decreased performance or more serious maintenance issues.


Run a Tank Cleaning Cycle

Maintenance Procedures > Tank Cleaning Cycle

The Filtration System collects abrasive from
the four corners of the Tank. However, some abrasive can still collect in the middle of the Tank. To collect this abrasive, run the Tank Cleaning Cycle from the Setup & Maintenance menu of the Control Panel. This procedure will help prevent any unwanted Abrasive Clogs of the Filtration System.

It is important that you run a Tank Cleaning Cycle after every Cut. This will help keep WAZER clean and will prevent you from needing to scoop Used Abrasive out of the Tank by hand.

If you notice that WAZER is not collecting Used Abrasive as quickly as it should, please refer to Maintenance Procedures > Cleaning the Drain Filters and Troubleshooting > Used Abrasive Collection to improve the performance of the Filtration System.

Clean the Abrasive Hose End

Maintenance Procedures > Clearing the Dry Abrasive Hose End

[NOTICE]The tip of the Abrasive Hose accumulates silt that can clog the line. Dunk the dry abrasive line 1 cm into the tank to loosen the silt and flick/shake it out to make sure no water is in the hose. Repeat this a few times before inserting the Abrasive Hose back into the Nozzle.

Make sure you insert the Abrasive Hose End far enough in so that both black O-rings are fully seated in the Nozzle. This seal is critical to the performance of WAZER. If you see excessive wear on the Hose End or O-rings, replace them as soon as possible.

[NOTICE] Short, Medium and Long Term Maintenance
To ensure safe and reliable operation, you MUST familiarize yourself with and perform the procedures in the Maintenance section. Further maintenance schedules (short, medium, and long term) are explained in this section.