Follow all Safety Advisories when performing a Cut:

  • ALWAYS wear eye protection.

  • NEVER leave WAZER unattended while in operation. 

  • ALWAYS know how to quickly turn off water and power in the event of an emergency.

Pay Attention!

[NOTICE] It is important to monitor WAZER while it is cutting. Some issues may require intervention to avoid damaging WAZER or Material.

Here are several types of failures you may encounter:


Pop-Ups are when a section of material pops up above the original surface of the Material, dislodging itself from its original position as it is cut. An edge may come into contact with the Nozzle, resulting in the Gantry losing its position. This will cause a Failed Cut due to registration errors. Pop-Ups occur if you have not sufficiently connected the cut portions of your Design to the outer section that is fastened to the Cut Bed using the “Tab” feature in Wam (more on this feature in Creating Cut Files). If you see a Pop-Up, press Start/ Stop immediately and attempt to fix the problem before the gantry jams against it.


Abrasive Clogs / No Cutting

Abrasive Clogs can sometimes occur on the Abrasive Hose, preventing Abrasive from flowing into
the Nozzle. This will be easy to identify since WAZER will stop cutting through the Material. Instead, the Nozzle will spray water all over, and there will be a significant change in the sound of WAZER’s operation. If there is an Abrasive Clog, press Start/Stop immediately. Refer to Troubleshooting > Cut Performance to learn how to prevent this from happening.


Partial Cutting

Partial Cutting means that the Jet is not cutting all the way through the Material. This is evident when the Jet exits horizontally (opposite the Nozzle’s traverse direction) instead of downward into the Tank. If this happens, press Start / Stop immediately. To confirm this is happening see if the Jet cut completely through the Material along its path. Refer to Troubleshooting > Cut Performance to learn how to prevent this from happening.



Despite WAZER being an enclosed system it is not completely sealed. You will inevitably find an occasional drip or some Used Abrasive outside of the WAZER. However, you should monitor for any abnormal drips, leaks or puddles. If you notice this, press Start/Stop immediately and trace where the leak originates. See Troubleshooting > Leaks in order to diagnose leaks.

How WAZER may leak:

  • It may drip when opening and closing the Door.

  • Water may spray through the cracks between the Door and Hoops.

  • There may be occasional drips around the Side Windows.


Water Exiting Under the Abrasive Hopper

If you notice water leaking or spraying out of WAZER from underneath the Abrasive Hopper, press Start/Stop immediately and refer to Troubleshooting > Leaks to diagnose the problem.

Solution After Leaks Detected

If there is a leak or things get wet that likely shouldn't have, turn everything off, wipe it down, and LET IT DRY overnight before seeing if anything was damaged and is still working. Water doesn't damage electronics, it’s the combination of water with electricity that does, so letting them air dry lets you be sure that the next turn on won't destroy something.

Start Cutting With WAZER

Now that you have completed the setup, you can begin your Cut:

  • [WARNING] Make sure you are wearing proper personal protective equipment.

  • If the Door is open, you will be prompted to close it. Once the Door is closed you can proceed by pressing Start/Stop or cancel by pressing the OK Button.

  • [NOTICE] Verify that WAZER is cutting properly. Paying close attention at the start of a Cut will help prevent damage to WAZER or property.

    • When WAZER starts, you will first hear the Pump Box turn on. WAZER will then start to pierce through the Material. You may feel some Used Abrasive spray from the openings of WAZER during this operation. This is normal.

    • If you observe the Control Box, all four LEDs on the left side will be on, the top and bottom lights of the middle column will be on, the middle two LEDs of the middle column will be flashing, and some, if not all, of the LEDs on the right side will be on.

    • WAZER will have a constant vibrating buzz while cutting along with a few ticking sounds that come from the Pump Box. The Pump Box should emit a smooth hum – there should be no erratic sounds coming from the Pump Box. WAZER will also generate noise from the Jet cutting the Material and creating turbulence in the Tank.

    • Once WAZER completes its Pierce through the Material, the Nozzle will begin to move slowly, cutting out your part. Used Abrasive will build up on top of your Material.

  • Carefully watch the Cut. If any unexpected behavior occurs, or if you are not sure what WAZER is doing, press Start/Stop to Pause the Cut and refer to the Troubleshooting section.

Never open the Door while WAZER is running.
Never leave WAZER unattended while it is running.

Check, Pause or Cancel the Cut

  • View the status of the Cut on the Control Panel. This includes elapsed time and completion percentage.

  • Pause the Cut. Pressing Start/Stop will pause the Cut. Water and Abrasive will stop flowing, and the Nozzle will hold its position. This will not happen instantaneously, because WAZER must perform the correct Shutdown.

    [WARNING] DO NOT open the Door until you hear that the Jet has turned off and see that the Nozzle has stopped.

  • Once paused, you can cancel the Cut by pressing the OK Button and confirming the desire to cancel the Cut. Once you do this WAZER will immediately purge its line pressure (which you will hear in the form of a short burst). The Nozzle will move to position itself for the next Cut.

    [WARNING] DO NOT open the Door until you have cancelled the Cut and the Control Panel returns to the Main Menu.


Look for Control Panel Messages

Add Water to Tank

This error indicates that the Water Level in the Tank is too low. Refer to Troubleshooting > Control Panel Error Messages.

Clean Drain Filters

This error indicates that WAZER is not draining properly, likely due to a clogged Drain Filter or an obstructed Water Drain Hose. Refer to Troubleshooting > Control Panel Error Messages.

High Water Level / Overfilled Tank

This error is telling you that the water level in your WAZER has reached a critically high level. To correct, refer to Troubleshooting > Control Panel Error Messages.

Fill Abrasive Hopper & Empty Used Abrasive

This message indicates that the Abrasive Hopper is nearly empty. Refill the Abrasive Hopper and continue cutting.

Look At The Service Manual

This message indicates that the Low pressure drain filters are extremely clogged or you have a outlet obstruction and you MUST get rid of it, or clean the drain filter immediately.

Complete the Cut

The Control Panel will indicate that the Cut is completed. It is now safe to open the Door. Push the Nozzle aside and move the gantry out of the way by hand. Remove the fasteners securing the Materials.


Cleaning WAZER

Once a Cut finishes, you will notice that the inside of WAZER is covered in Used Abrasive. If you are going to continue cutting with WAZER, there’s no need to clean off this abrasive now. If you’re done cutting for the day, leave the Door open and allow the Used Abrasive to dry. Once dry, it is easy to dust away the abrasive with a soft brush to clean WAZER.

[NOTICE] Bacteria can build up in the standing water of the Tank. Any injuries or cuts, even minor ones, should be treated with caution. If you have open wounds avoid contact with the water or wear gloves that do not expose you to the Tank water.

Also see Tips & Tricks > Material Cutting.