Once you have completed your Cut, perform the following Shutdown procedure:

[NOTICE] Close the On/Off Valve

Turn the On/Off Valve to the “off” position.

Turn WAZER Off

WAZER has a single Power Switch located in the bottom-right corner. Flip this switch to turn WAZER off.

Empty the Used Abrasive

We recommend that you remove the Used Abrasive Buckets from their retainers and place them up on the Cut Bed after every Cut. This allows them to fully drain their water into the Tank, which means you won’t have to deal with water in your Used Abrasive disposal area. However, you may empty the Used Abrasive at any time, so this step isn’t critical to perform during shutdown if you regularly do it upon startup.

[CAUTION] Bacteria can build up in the standing water of the Tank. Any injuries or cuts, even minor ones, should be treated with caution. If you have open wounds avoid contact with the water or wear gloves that protect you from to the Tank water.

Leave the Door Open

After a Cut, everything inside WAZER is wet. We suggest leaving the Door open so the internal surfaces can dry. This prevents tight areas from growing mold and allows you to brush away the Used Abrasive once it is dry. It is much more di cult to clean the Used Abrasive when it is wet.

Perform a General Inspection

It is always a good idea to inspect WAZER for leaks and abnormal wear:

  • Is there water around WAZER or Pump Box?

  • Are there any pieces of the Cut Bed that stick out, or are there pieces of cut Material lodged in it?

  • Are the Bellows sealed against the Gantry Blocks?

[NOTICE] The sooner you notice and fix a problem the better. Most importantly, you MUST remember you are dealing with water, which can result in things such as electrical shorts and water damage. Prevent a serious problem from occurring by paying attention to your WAZER.