Full Tank Cleaning

There are many reasons you may want or need to fully clean out your tank. Fully cleaning out the tank gives you a chance to get your abrasive collection working at peak performance, saving you from having to clean out the tank as often.

Venturi Clean Out

When one of the Venturi gets clogged, a serious mound of abrasive can form on top, and in some instances this can pack the pick-up filters to a point where Clearing the Filtration System can no longer clear the clog.

Pinch Valve Teardown

What to do when your valve won’t open. Sometimes after a severe clog abrasive will find its way into the inner workings of the pinch valve. To fix this requires the disassembly and cleaning of the pinch valve.

Updating the Config File

WAZER’s software and Firmware are meant to be flexible and adjustable to your situation, so we have created an editable text-based file stored on WAZER’s onboard Micro SD Card. This Config File is opened and edited in any basic text editor.