Choosing a Location for WAZER

Location Requirements

Ensure that your installation location meets ALL the following requirements:

Two 110-120VAC / 60 Hz / 15 Amp circuits (U.S.) or Two 220-240VAC/ 50Hz/ 10 Amp Circuit (

  • One 15 Amp(U.S.) or 10 Amp (International) circuit for the Pump Box.

  • Two Amps available on a separate circuit for WAZER.

  • WAZER and the Pump Box should not be connected to the same 15 Amp/10 Amp electrical circuit. A single 20 Amp circuit is acceptable.

  • Both outlet plugs should be within 6 feet of WAZER.

Water Supply:

[NOTICE] Some areas are susceptible to dirty water or water main breaks. Please be sure to include a mechanical prefilter before the inlet to the pump to ensure water supply contaminants don't go into the pump. We cannot be held accountable for damage caused to pump as a result of contaminated water supply.

  • Flow Rate: Greater than 1 gpm. Most household and commercial water plumbing will meet this requirement. Typical bathroom faucets 1-3 gpm, kitchen faucets 2-4 gpm, and outdoor/shop hoses 3-6 gpm.

  • Pressure: 30-125 psi. Most household and commercial water plumbing systems fall in this range. The higher in that range, the better for the Pump Box in terms of its longevity.

  • Temperature: Less than 130 F. DO NOT use a hot water line for WAZER.

  • Water Hardness: Less than 180 mg/L (10.5 gpg) of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Water hardness is the biggest factor that affects the longevity of the components. Most municipal water in North America is below this figure, however we suggest you give your region a search if this is a concern.

  • No Reverse-Osmosis or Deionized water allowed

Water Drainage: Within 30 feet of WAZER (routed.) Make sure that it does not take more than 30 feet of your Water Drain Hose to go from WAZER to the drain. Additionally, the drain location should be less than 4 feet above WAZER.


  • Sturdy and capable of holding over 400 lbs.

  • Flat and level under load. The levelness is key for correct operation of WAZER. Maximum 1.5mm of height difference across entire cutting bed

  • A clear area of 46” by 27” to allow for access.

  • Does not deteriorate when exposed to water. Because under some unforeseen scenarios, water may stream out from abrasive hopper and other places

  •  Good choices: quartz, stainless steel, treated solid wood
  •  Poor choices: plywood, unfinished MDF or particle board
  • NOTE: No desktop is necessary if you plan on using WAZER with the Stand Leg Accessory. However, please keep a 46” x 27” area clear if you intend on using the Stand Leg Accessory to allow for access.

Floorspace: The Pump Box is intended to be placed on the floor and requires 30” x 26” of space to allow for adequate airflow, cables, and hoses.

Ambient Air Temperature for Storage: 40-110 F. Never store WAZER outside of this range

Ambient Air Temperature for Operation: 40-80 F. Never operate WAZER outside of this range.

Space Around WAZER: Make sure to leave at least 12” of free space on the right and left sides of WAZER. On the left side of WAZER, you will need room to refill the Abrasive Hopper. On the right side, you may need access to the Control Panel.

Wet Area: WAZER operates with abrasive and water. Though WAZER is enclosed, it is not a sealed system, and water and abrasive will inevitably leak on occasion. The floor surface should be water- resistant, slip proof and smooth enough for easy cleanup of spills. A nearby floor drain is also recommended. Water may stream out from under your abrasive hopper as an example of why this machine needs to be in a water tolerant area.

Proximity to Abrasive Storage: Abrasive is heavy. If you will be cutting often make sure that the WAZER location is close to a storage area for Abrasive and Used Abrasive. Moving abrasive long distances can quickly become cumbersome.

Noise: WAZER emits noise that would be disruptive in settings such as classrooms and offices. Make sure to place WAZER in a location where the noise level of traditional shop tools like drills and saws is acceptable.