Like any machine WAZER will occasionally have issues.
Here are some common problems and their solutions.

This section will cover various failure conditions and how to resolve them. We’ll cover Error Messages that you may see on the Control Panel and other operational issues, like Failed Cuts.

Basic Safety Directives

  • If WAZER was abruptly shut down or turned off, perform a Nozzle Purge by navigating to Setup & Maintenance > Maintenance > Nozzle Purge on the Control Panel. This releases high pressure from the system.
  • Before servicing the WAZER, always:
    • Purge the high pressure by properly ending/completing a cut or performing a “Nozzle Purge” from the maintenance menu.
    • Turn off the On/Off Valve or water supply to the machine.
    • Turn off WAZER and disconnect AC power from WAZER and the Pump Box.
  • Never remove the cover of the Pump Box while it is plugged in.