How it Works

WAZER combines high-pressure waterjet technology with several electro-mechanical systems to bring you an all-in-one cutting solution.

The Pump Box pressurizes water that is then routed to the Main Unit and expelled through a small orifice, where it accelerates to a very high velocity. At this point the WAZER introduces abrasive to the jet to create a slurry of water and abrasive. This high-pressure stream of abrasive slurry performs the cutting in a waterjet system. By controlling where this stream is ejected, WAZER allows you to cut your design with digital precision.

A tank below the cut bed catches the slurry after it does its cutting work. A collection system allows WAZER to separate the slurry back into water and used abrasive. The water is expelled out of WAZER, while the used abrasive is separately collected inside of the machine for later removal.

An on-board control box runs the logic behind WAZER. This control box is connected to all the input and output components of WAZER, allowing the machine to operate all the individual systems in harmony. Additionally, it allows the user to interact with WAZER through an on-board control panel.