The materials listed were cut with WAZER using abrasive particles (garnet) at a rate of 0.33lb (0.15kg) per minute. WAZER uses garnet, made specifically for waterjets, which must be continually purchased in order to operate the machine. Abrasive will available for purchase on our website, but WAZER will also work with approved third party suppliers.

Email us at if the information you are looking for is not included in our documentation.

PROJECTMaterials Cut by WAZERCut TimeAbrasive UsageCut Cost
(with 2,200 lb. Abrasive Pallet, Nozzle and Cut Bed 3-Pack)
Cut Cost
(with 55 lb. Abrasive Bucket, Nozzle and Cut Bed 1-Pack)
Bicycle Belt Drive- Aluminum (0.19") Sprockets (x2)
- Aluminum (0.0625") Spacer (x1)
- Aluminum (0.0625") Rear Frame Coupler (x1)
168 mins55 lbs$26.88$85.86
Penny Necklace- Penny (x50)60 mins20 lbs$9.60$30.60
Custom Knife- D2 Tool Steel (0.16") Knife Blank (x1)
- Copper (0.08") Handle Insert (x2)
- Carbon Fiber (0.08") Handle Insert - small (x4)
- Carbon Fiber (0.08") Handle Insert - large (x2)
118 mins39 lbs$18.88$60.18
Custom Tile- Ceramic Tile (0.375") Quatrefoil Profile (x38)95 mins31 lbs$15.20$48.45
Glass Sculpture- Stained Glass (0.125") (x3)34 mins11 lbs$5.44$17.34