Firmware V1.5

WAZER Firmware refers to the software code that is onboard WAZER, embedded within the Controller. The firmware controls all of WAZER’s actions, including gantry movement, water and abrasive flow and maintenance procedures.

Firmware Version 1.5 ushers in our most significant update, with user-focused improvements, based on critical customer feedback around workflow issues with our machine. We strongly encourage you to update your machine’s firmware. WAZER’S FIRMWARE WILL NOT UPDATE AUTOMATICALLY!  Refer to the Updating the Firmware article for instructions on how to make this highly recommended update.

New Features

Restart Cut: This NEW feature now lets you start the cut from any point within a cut file, thereby allowing a restart from the position the cut failed.

  • The primary function of this upgrade is to save you critical time and money (abrasive cost) associated with a failed or interrupted cut.

  • You will now notice an option in the cut menu called “Restart Cut”, select this option to initiate a restart after a failed cut.

  • When this option is selected, the nozzle moves along the cut path in dry run mode (without water and abrasive). The user can visually access where the cut has failed and when the nozzle reaches that location the user can start cutting by pressing start.

  • The feature pierces at the restart location and completes the cut file as designed.

Firmware_cut prep.jpg

*Feed Rate Override: Our NEW cut feature allows you to increase or decrease the speed of cut to compensate for changes during real-time cutting. This can be a great crutch to just get through a cut in the event that your rates were incorrectly set or your machines starts to tail cut, preventing you from having to go all the way back to WAM or immediately troubleshoot your machine.

  • This upgrade adds a Feed Line in WAM’s Cut Menu Dashboard (see below image) which indicates the current feed rate (100%).

  • Users can now increase or decrease the feed rate by pressing the up/down arrow keys.

  • Pressing either the up/down arrow keys increase/decreases the feed rate incrementally by 10%, for a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 400%

*Feed Rate Override is active only for the current cut, and reset to 100% when completed.

Firmware_cut screen.jpg

Read File Input: This NEW feature is added to the Cut Workflow screen and allows you to view the selected file cut parameters.

  • All previous files generated using WAM 1.4 or above now store cut parameters, and can be viewed by the firmware after the home menu.

  • The cut parameters shown are

    • Material Name

    • Material thickness

    • Total cut time

  • Any files generated using WAM 1.3 or earlier will see a message indicating file

    version, and then allow the user to continue through the menu to start a cut.

Firmware_file details.jpg

Move origin: This NEW feature in the Cut Menu allows you to move the cut to a new location on the cut bed.

  • This feature was developed in response to users having to recreate files in WAM when they wanted to move the cut to a new location on the bed.

  • You will now notice a new item to the cut menu called “Move Origin”. When this feature is selected, you can move the nozzle to a new starting location by pressing the arrow keys.

  • Once the new location is set, the firmware checks the cut extents. If these are outside due to the shift you will get a prompt.

  • If the cut falls within the cut bed you can go to cut the material menu and start the cut.

  • Each press of the button moves the gantry by 10 mm

Firmware_cut prep_move.jpg

Cut time on cut screen: This NEW cut feature shows the actual elapsed Cut Time for a given file.

  • Previously, Wazer FW1.4 and below showed the total time from the start of the cut on the screen. Now, this feature captures the exact cut time excluding any pause times for abrasive fill or user pauses.

  • This feature also shows a file’s total active cut time on the final screen. (See below image)

  • This feature also excludes rapid traverse movements which have the nozzle off.

Firmware_cut screen 2.jpg

Total cut time: This NEW option under the setup and maintenance menu shows the total cut time on the machine.

  • This feature was developed to help you determine time-based machine maintenance.

  • Starting V1.5 WAZER will aggregate all active cut times and store them onboard.

  • You can view this screen by going to “Setup and Maintenance”, and selecting “Total Cut Time”.

  • This timer would not reset when new firmware is uploaded.

Firmware_total cut time.jpg
Trevor Sage-EL