Firmware V1.4

WAZER Firmware refers to the software code that is onboard WAZER, embedded within the Controller. The firmware controls all of WAZER’s actions, including gantry movement, water and abrasive flow and maintenance procedures.

Firmware Version 1.4 brings some significant improvements, and we strongly encourage you to update your machine’s firmware. WAZER’S FIRMWARE WILL NOT UPDATE AUTOMATICALLY!  Refer to the Updating the Firmware article for instructions on how to make this highly recommended update.

New Features


Abrasive Pickup Cleaning:

This new maintenance procedure allows users to clear the Used Abrasive that may pile up in the corners of the Tank, clogging the abrasive Filtration System. We recommend using this procedure if the Used Abrasive is not collecting in the Abrasive Buckets. This mode quickly loosens up the Used Abrasive in the corners of the Tank by spraying high-pressure water in those locations.

You can access this feature from the Control Panel: Setup & Maintenance > Maintenance > Abr Pickup Cleaning.


Tank Cleaning Cycle:

The Tank Cleaning Cycle protocol has been significantly improved. In this mode the Nozzle moves around spraying high-pressure water to urge the Used Abrasive at the bottom of the Tank towards the collection points in the corners. With this update, your WAZER will be way better at cleaning up after itself! The new Tank Cleaning Cycle lasts 7 minutes and should be used whenever abrasive is not collecting in the Abrasive Buckets, or at least after every 2 hours of cutting.


Clean Curved Edges :

WAZER will now automatically cut curved features at a reduced Cut Rate in order to maintain a uniform Cut Quality across the entire part. This is standard functionality in the waterjet industry. For a given material, material thickness and Cut Rate, a waterjet will always produce a cleaner edge on a straight line than on a curve. The new feature in Wam will automatically correct for this.


Testing a New Material:

Wam allows you to add your own entries to the Material Library, and this requires you to test the material with WAZER to determine the appropriate settings. This process, outlined in the Testing a New Material and Creating a New Wam Entry article, has been streamlined. This new mode has all Test Files stored onboard and guides you through the procedure. You can access this feature from the Control Panel: Setup & Maintenance > Cut Rate Testing


Input/Output Check:

This new maintenance procedure allows you to test the machine’s sensors to verify that all safety and functional inputs to the Controller are operating correctly. With the help of guided menus, this mode allows our Technical Support team to help you diagnose errors without opening up the Control Box or sending the machine back for repair.You can access this feature from the Control Panel: Setup & Maintenance > Input/Output Check > Input Check. Use this procedure when instructed by Technical Support, or if you are uncertain about the performance of a sensor or output signal.

Trevor Sage-EL