Wam Update: Version 1.4

WAM, our web-based platform for preparing designs for cutting on WAZER, is getting its first significant upgrade. These changes will automatically appear the next time you use the software. Version 1.4 includes a combination of new features, user interface changes, and bug fixes.

Functional Additions

Location of vector group (Top left position):This feature update allows you to accurately position the cut path on the virtual cut bed.

  • Use this feature to position the top-left point of the cut in relation to the bed origin (Top left of the bed) by entering the distance from that point in selected dimensions denoted by X position and Y position (See image below).

  • The Feature works on one path at a time and is disabled during multi-selection.

WAM_scale and position help_update.jpg

Metadata added to G-Code: This Feature adds file cut data selected when generating the cut as a header to the G-Code file.

    • This feature lets you know what cut parameters were selected when the file was generated for future reference.

    • The parameters included are 

      • Input file name

      • File rotation 

      • File scale

      • Material name

      • Material thickness

      • Cut path

      • Cut quality

      • Raw Material width

      • Raw Material height

    • These parameters are meant as a reference and the G-Code file should not be changed.

Show stock size in the last tab: This feature displays Raw material size required for the cut in the cut section of WAM. 

      • This feature helps you know the exact size of the raw material required based on the current layout on the virtual bed.

      • Multiple cuts on the virtual bed are also considered while calculating the final raw material size.


Help info icons: To improve WAM’s user experience, you will now find help icons within each tab of the cut file setup.

    • This NEW feature helps first time users set up their cut file in WAM. Or pre-existing users to expand their abilities to use a feature fully in case they just relied on the defaults.
    • Just click the help icon in each tab, and a pop-up window with explanation will appear.
    • The help icons can be turned off by disabling help in the settings menu.
WAM Update_material help.jpg

Bug Fix 

Auto resolve warning messages: Previously error messages would stay on screen even after the underlying reason for the error was resolved. This implementation removes warning messages when the error has been resolved.

Trevor Sage-EL