The Gantry is the core of the motion control system on the WAZER. This is a sealed system that should not require maintenance for the life of your WAZER.

If something unexpected happens we recommend contacting support.

Adjusting the Limit Flag Stop

If the Wazer is jittering or having issues homing, the limit switches flags within the gantry bellows are likely not triggering the switches. This guide will show you how to properly adjust the flags to ensure contact with the limiter switches.

Rough Z-Axis Adjustment

Over time a tiny amount of abrasive can make its way into the z-axis adjustment block and make it difficult and rough to set the z height of the Nozzle. The following guide will walk you through dissembling and cleaning the assembly.

[WARNING] WAZER DOES NOT track the number of hours it has been running.
To ensure a safe and reliable machine, you MUST track your WAZER's run time so that you may perform preventative maintenance as required in this User Manual. If you do not abide by the regular maintenance procedures and schedule, the warranty and support for your WAZER will be void.

Before servicing WAZER:

  • Purge the high-pressure system by properly ending/completing a cut or performing a Nozzle Purge.

  • Turn off or close the On/Off Valve or water supply to the machine.

  • Turn off WAZER and disconnect AC power from WAZER and the Pump Box.

  • Never remove the cover of the Pump Box while it is plugged in.