Control Panel Error Messages

An overview of Control Panel servicing or error messages you may encounter while running your WAZER. This section will help you diagnose the problem when you see an error message.

ERROR: Check Drain Filters and Dump Hose

WAZER indirectly measures the rate at which water is drained to alert you when the Drain Filters are clogging. If you see this message, it is likely that you need to clean your Drain Filters.

ERROR: Unexpected End of Cut File

If you are running a Cut File from a SD Card, WAZER will alert you if it ever loses connection with the file that it is reading from.

Regenerate Cut File

When preparing your WAZER to cut it may display the error “Incorrect or Wrong Wam Version”. While it might actually be that the file was generated with an outdated version of the software, it can also indicate that there is a problem with either the full sized or micro sd card.

ERROR: Add Water to Tank

Similar to the way WAZER monitors your water drain rate, a timer is constantly monitoring the water level in your Tank. If it realizes that the water level is low, it will alert you.

Blank UI Screen

This error usually has to do with with a config file problem